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Rota Vicentina is a sustainable tourism project in the Southwest of Portugal that integrates a network of 750 km of Walking Trails, over 1000 km of Cycling Trails, a wide range of Nature, Culture and Wellness activities, and many more offers linked to the sustainable use of this region.

The network of partner companies of this project is equipped with all the details you need to know to give you support in organizing and managing your stay in the region and along the Rota Vicentina.

Paper Map and Guide Book of Walking Trails

These are useful tools to plan your hikes, study alternative routes, calculate distances to the lodgings and carry all the information in your pocket. Buy it on our online shop, pay by PayPal, credit card or MB Way/Multibanco and receive the Maps and Guides at your home!

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Contact a specialist

Travel Agencies and Tour Operators that are Rota Vicentina partners are companies specialized in organizing all inclusive or custom travel. You can also choose between different activities such as: horseback riding, experienced guides to accompany you, theme tours, bike rentals or logistical support for your walk.

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Interactive Map

See all the tourist services available in an easy and intuitive way through the interactive map. Here you can find locations in relation to Rota Vicentina's Walking and Cycling Trails.

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Everything you need in one place: GPS tracks, distance tables, etc.

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How to arrive and travel in the region

Tips for arriving by car, bus and train and traveling in the region by public or private transports.

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Luggage transfers and passengers

Please use our Transport partners for car rental or taxi service and transfer of passengers or luggage between points along the sections or to / from the nearest village. Consult the Distances Table that we prepared for you to know the distances and the expected cost between the main localities in the region.

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Where to stay

Check the list of over 100 partner properties, book directly in Rota Vicentina's website. We recommend that you plan your trip and book your accommodation in advance so as to avoid problems due to lack of availability.

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Where to hike

Know the Historical Way, the Fishermen's Trail and the Circular Routes to combine them creatively, adjusting the routes to your expectations and needs. Complement your first choice of route with another route that offers something completely different, for an enriching and dynamic experience out in nature.

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Where to bike

Explore the MTB network that visits both the coast and the interior, covering 5 villages: Odemira, Colos, S. Teotónio, Santa Clara and S. Luís. Also take a look at the offer of Touring Bike track along the region and between Lisbon and Faro airports.

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What to do

In addition to hiking, cycling and relaxing, the network of partner companies of Rota Vicentina offers a wide range of Nature, Culture and Wellness activities, for all seasons of the year.

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Restaurants and local commerce

There is so much to taste and appreciate in this unique region. Learn all about the must go to restaurants and markets during your stay or even before you arrive.

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Frequently asked questions

If you still have questions after exploring this info, please find below the answer to your questions based on your interests and travel profile:

  • When to hike the Walking Trails of Rota Vicentina?
    The time recommended by Rota Vicentina for hiking is between September and June. In this region, the summer is very hot, with temperatures rising above 30º C. In addition, the full beaches do not allow you to enjoy the pure and wild beauty of the region, not to mention accommodations require a minimum stay of several days and rates are noticeably higher and many support services have little availability.

    The autumn months are usually very mild, with pleasant temperatures at sea and a drastic decrease in the intensity of the wind. Starting in September, you will still have plenty of opportunities to go swimming, but you will also experience a calmer region, after the bustle of the summer crowds.

    In winter, temperatures do not usually drop below 11ºC during the day and it is generally the wettest period of the year. We strongly recommend that you check the weather forecasts near the date of arrival in the region and bring appropriate equipment for the season (boots and waterproof jacket).

    In March, the sunny days intersperse with days of showers and temperatures begin to rise. The reborn landscape and the intensity of colors and aromas make Spring one of the best times of the year to visit the region.
  • Where can I get paper maps and guides books?

    Maps to the scale of 1:50 000 are available with details of the route and tourist resources associated with Rota Vicentina network, as well as guides with route descriptions and information about the region and the project.

    This material can be obtained directly through the Rota Vicentina Association online shop and at certain locations in the region, like specific Tourist Offices and with the partners network.

  • Can Walking Trails be followed by bicycle?
    The Fishermen’s Trail is not bikeable. Besides impossible to execute on a bike, it is dangerous and forbidden. The proximity of the cliffs, the 70-percent of the trail that is deep sand floor, and the narrow nature of the trails, will force you to carry your bike on your back and tread the vegetation in a vain attempt to progress further. In addition to these warnings, which are related to the safety and conscious use of the Fishermen’s Trail, it is not permitted by the laws of the Natural Park to circulate outside existing paths (dirt roads), which means that the pedestrian trails that form the coastal route of Rota Vicentina are forbidden to bikes.

    The remaining Walking Trails (which do not follow along the coast) can be made by bicycle, but always with the concern of not causing unsafe situations for hikers.

    We suggest you to try out the new Rota Vicentina mountain bike trails system. There are over 1000 km of routes with four degrees of difficulty, for all levels of experience. Learn more here.
  • How many days do I need to go through the entire Walking Trails of Rota Vicentina?
    Rota Vicentina consists of two major routes (GR), the Historical Way and the Fishermen’s Trail, and 24 Circular Routes totaling 750 km!

    Our proposal is to be creative in choosing and distributing routes full routes of merely part of a route, to better suit your goals, physical capacity and availability of time.

    The two grand routes are divided by sections, which are mere suggestions, and vary between 11 and 33 km. If you were to complete all of the sections at the rate of one per day, you would need the same number of days as there are sections that make up the Rota Vicentina. Circular Routes are shorter, ranging from 4 to 16 km in length.
  • Are there organized walks and / or companies that offer this service?

    It is important to distinguish the concept of self-guided or guided walking. You can count on companies that organize your hiking holidays, who will create groups between people (some groups might not even not know each other) to share the cost of a guide. These companies take care of all the logistics of transfers, meals, and will be responsible for your entire stay in general.

    In the area of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators you will find companies specialized in the organization of all-inclusive and tailor-made trips. Learn all about the Pre-designed Programs in the Holidays and Activities section.

    Note that Rota Vicentina is not a tourism entertainment company. Rota Vicentina does not organize activities with a commercial character, but rather creates and maintains the routes and organizes the network of service providers so the experience is as best adapted to the sustainable nature tourist seeking to appreciate and explore this region.

    We organize Volunteer Walks dedicated to the maintenance of the trails. Stay tuned to our social networks and our website to see our calendar. Subscribe to the Volunteer Newsletter.

  • Are the Walking Trails of Rota Vicentina suitable for people of all ages and physical conditions?
    Yes and no. Most of the trails along Rota Vicentina, with the exception of the tracks between Lagos and Cabo de S. Vicente, are accessible to almost all people, since the routes do not present a high degree of difficulty. The individual routes become more difficult when extended and paired with other routes. It is important however to clarify that being physical activity, there is always some degree of preparation, and appropriate physical condition is necessary for a positive experience.

    If you have never walked 20 km in a day, you will certainly be tired and have some muscle aches, but that is a feeling that is part of the experience. Older people suffering from illness, physical or muscular problems, should take into account their doctor’s instructions and their instinct, before leaving on one of these hikes. Minors should be accompanied by their parents or a guardian.

    Walking on hot days is forbidden for children and adults with certain physical limitations.

    The Fishermen’s Trail is not recommended for anyone with vertigo or fear of heights.
  • Is there special cares to be taken on the Fishermen’s Trail?
    We are so glad you asked! The answer to this important question is, yes. Because it is a trail in a Natural Park, there are several obligatory measurements to be taken so that we can preserve the paths for local fishermen, residents and visitors, free of garbage, erosion, damage to animal and plant life and damage to landlord property and neighbors. See the Rules and Recommendations of the Fishermen’s Trail page and help us take care of one of the most beautiful coastal trails in the world!

    The Fishermen’s Trail is not recommended for people with dizziness or fear of heights, and special care must be taken with children, especially if they are small or particularly spirited given the trail-s proximity to the cliffside. Although there are small sections further away from the coastline, they are intermittent with others that will be particularly challenging for these people.
  • I intend to hike the Fishermen’s Trail, but I have vertigo and fear of heights. Which are the most complicated parts? Is there a way around the most difficult areas?
    The entire Fishermen’s Trail is not recommended for people with vertigo or fear of heights, so we suggest that you choose to hike the Historical Way, to be assured that the problem of vertigo will not arise.

    Either way, you will have a hiking experience that truly captures the essence of this coastal region. It is difficult to pinpoint the most “dangerous” places for those with vertigo, as the terrein can have different triggers for each person. One thing is certain, for every section there will always be parts of the route that are high and close to the cliffside.

    In order to avoid his discomfort you will be tempted to deviate from the trail, treading on the the vegetation, climbing dunes and opting for other paths. However, the marking of the course is strategically created to channel the traffic of pedestrians and protect the natural terrain from uncontrolled trampling in this extremely sensitive area within the Natural Park.

    At the end of the day, we wouldn’t want what should be a day of pleasure in nature, to turn into a day of distress. Our suggestion is that you opt for the Historical Way and combine it with some incursions to the coast, visiting the beaches and coastal villages along the way.
  • Can I go hiking alone in Rota Vicentina?
    This is a peaceful area, however we recommend that you always walk with someone, especially in the event of falls or sprains.

    You should also always be alert and inform the family, friends or the owner of your accommodation about your itinerary in case something would happen.
  • What equipment is suitable for walking on Rota Vicentina?
    Whenever you walk, choose to bring light and comfortable clothing and a small backpack for a day of hiking.

    Always put on well-worn (sport) shoes or hiking boots which are already adjusted to your feet to prevent blisters and joint pain. We do not advise you to wear slippers or sandals that are not suitable for walking, as they do not provide any support to the ankle or protection of rocks, vegetation or sand.

    On rainy days you should always bring a raincoat and extra clothes in case you get wet.

    A walking stick can also be useful, as it reduces the impact of pace on the knees and joints and facilitates steep ascents and descents. From May on, do not forget to bring your bathing suit and a small towel. There are beaches, dams, lakes, rivers, puddles and pools.
  • What should I pack in my backpack for a day out?
    Always bring a hat, sunscreen, water (1.5 L minimum) and groceries (fruit, sandwiches, candy) and a telephone for emergency situations.

    Camera, notepad, some money, maps, GPS and binoculars, are also useful.

    A first aid kit with plasters, bandages, disinfectant, foot and knee elastic is also important to bring with you.

    Make an effort not to carry anything superfluous, the weight of the backpack is decisive for the comfort of the hiker, especially after the first kilometers.
  • Is it possible to get water and supplies along the way?
    Ideally, you would prepare yourself before departure and take water and groceries with you for the day of walking, since not all sections cross places with coffee shops and / or grocery stores.

    At most start and end points you will have no problem purchasing groceries. Check the section/route pages for exact indications about supply locations available at each section.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    You can bring your dog, but we recommend having it always on leash, which might be difficult to do on the narrow path of the Fishermen’s Trail. This rule pertains to the protection of wildlife, as loose dogs might trample the protected land and inevitably encounter cattle and shepherd dogs.

    Also be sure to clean your dog’s debris to make sure that the trails are kept clean.

    We recommend you to search for pet friendly accommodation from Rota Vicentina’s partners that allow pets.

    In our website, on the individual page of each of the accommodations look for the criterion “Details / Characteristics”, where the possibility of accepting animals is mentioned. You can always get in touch with each accommodation to better understand the rules and / or specific costs of having your pet next to you.
  • Is it possible to find dogs on the way?
    Although rare, there is always the risk of finding cattle or a dog along the way. They are usually tame and accustomed to hikers, however some may become protective of livestock or territory.

    Therefore we recommend that you take a stick or a stone to scare them and keep the dog at a distance.

    If you are afraid of dogs and will walk alone, we recommend some previous training of interaction with these animals.
  • Can I walk north of Santiago do Cacém?
    Rota Vicentina has no information on other walking trails other than those of Rota Vicentina, which end in Santiago do Cacém.
  • Is it mandatory to hike the two Great Routes (Fishermen’s Trail and Historical Way) from North to South?
    The direction given is merely indicative. Both the Fishermen’s Trail and the Historical Way have clear signs in both directions.
  • Are the trails of Rota Vicentina well signaled?
    Rota Vicentina has very clear and easy to spot signs and markings! You can find the sign code for each route here.

    The signs are constantly reviewed, especially during the maintenance and volunteering walks.

    If you have walked on some trails of Rota Vicentina and have noticed a fault, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Is it necessary to pay to hike on Rota Vicentina?
    All Walking Trails, as well as Cycling trails, are of free access.
  • Where can I download the GPX tracks?
    The GPX tracks of all trails are available on our website and on the Outdooractive app.
  • When to do the Cycling Trails of Rota Vicentina?
    Rota Vicentina does not recommend high physical effort activities between June and September, taking into account the high temperatures in the region.

    The rest of the year is favorable since the climate is mild, with sunny days alternating with some rain in the winter.
  • Where are the MTB Trails of Rota Vicentina passing through?
    The MTB Trails network was initially developed only in the Municipality of Odemira, in Alentejo – which is by far the largest municipality in the country!

    All routes start from one of the 5 localities which we named nucleus- Odemira, São Teotónio, São Luís, Santa Clara-a-Velha and Colos – and return to their starting point.

    In the future it is intended to expand the network to the whole territory where the Walking Trails currently exist.
  • Where can I download the GPX tracks?
    The GPX tracks of all trails are available on our website and on the Outdooractive app.
  • Can I make connections between routes?
    We suggest about 38 MTB Trails, and one Long Distance MTB Trail however the combinations between them are endless Try creating your own links, depending on your interests and expectations, in the Outdooractive App.
  • Can I cycling in both directions?
    Rota Vicentina MTB routes are one-way only, according to the technical characteristics of each and the safety conditions of MTBikers and possible hikers. Get to know the trails better and always follow the right direction. Check the routes on the Interactive Map.
  • Are the Rota Vicentina mountain bike routes suitable for people of all ages and any level of experience?
    MTB trails are organized in four levels of difficulty to cover all types of trainees, from beginners to very experienced practitioners. Each level has a color to identify. Learn the technical characteristics of each one and choose the routes appropriate to your physical and technical condition, as well as the quality of the bike.
  • Are the Cycling Trails marked?
    All green, blue and some selected red routes are marked on the terrain. Only the black trails, for those with high experience and physical endurance, are available only in GPS. Each course has an identification number and a color related to its degree of difficulty. Choose a route and be aware of the markings on the terrein, following the number chosen.

  • Can I do BTT trails alone?
    Most circuits travel extensively with rare human presence and no coverage of mobile network. Inform family and / or friends about the route you are going to do, especially your accommodation, and save the phone number of your accommodation for any possible mishaps.
  • Are there organized MTB tours and / or companies that offer this service?
    You can count on companies that organize tours and even biking holidays. In the area of Travel Agencies and Tour Operators you will find companies specialized in the organization of all-inclusive or custom holidays. Get to know also the Programs from Rota Vicentina in the Holidays and Activities section.
  • Which equipment is recommended to bike the Rota Vicentina MTB routes?
    The use of the helmet is mandatory, and we recommend the use of gloves and glasses. Take with you water and the necessary food supplies (fruit, sandwiches) and check the route pages and the exact location of the support points.
  • Is it possible to get water and food supplies along the way?
    We recommend that you always have water and food with you, as well as checking the exact indication of the support points of of the chosen route. In the nucleus where the tracks start – Odemira, São Teotónio, São Luís, Santa Clara-a-Velha and Colos – there are Bike Stations with water for bikes.
  • Where can I rent a mountain bike?
    Some Tour Operators partners of Rota Vicentina have bikes for hire and we recommend that you contact them directly to know the rental conditions and available bicycles.

    Also read the Vacations and Activities page, where you will find companies specialized in the organization of tours or even holidays by bicycle.
  • Are there places with bike friendly services along the trails?
    Along Rota Vicentina MTB trails system you will find a support network, including bike stations and bike friendly services. Check its location on the interactive map.

    In the Accommodation area, check the accommodations considered to be bike friendly, which provide conditions for the washing, repair and safe parking of bikes, as well as the possibility of washing the clothes of cyclists, and the accommodations that have service stations for maintenance of your b
  • Are the Cycling Trails shared with hikers?
    Most of the routes do not coincide with the pedestrian trails of Rota Vicentina, but there are sections shared with hikers. Always give them the priority and pay close attention to the possibility of crossing each other and maintaining the safety of all.
  • Are the routes shared by vehicles other than bicycles?
    Some sections are shared with other vehicles. Always respect the road code, even on dirt roads, as you may be on the way of accessing private sites of the local community. If you go through a gate, be sure to close it again.
  • How can I donate?
    At the moment you can make a single or monthly donation using one of the following payment systems:

    Paypal / Credit Card;
    MB Way / Multibanco(only Portugal);
    – Bank transfer to IBAN: PT50004563324025916122648 | BIC (Swift): CCCMPTPL, by indicating “donation” in the description;
    – In person, at the Rota Vicentina Association’s office in Odemira village.

    There are no extra costs beyond the amount you want to donate, and it is your option to round off the donation amount to cover commissions charged to Rota Vicentina via Paypal.
  • Where do your donations go?
    The maintenance of the Walking and Cycling trails, the management of information about them, awareness and work in the environmental and socio-cultural areas are not possible without financial resources. This is exactly where we invest your donations.
  • Are there other ways I can help?

    You can help with your time through various volunteering activities or by be a caretaker of a walking trail. Check the volunteering section on our website.

    You can buy one of the products in our shop (maps, t-shirts or guide books). Our team has produced a portfolio of technical materials that not only support you during your hike, but will make your experience in Rota Vicentina even better! Maps, guide books and t-shirts, you choose!

    You can become an individual member of Rota Vicentina Association by paying an annual fee of 60 euros. And if you have a business in the region, you can become a Member (check the conditions in the Become a Member section of our website).

    Finally, planning your trip and choosing an agency, an accommodation, a restaurant, a transport or an activity, you can prefer the Rota Vicentina partner companies. Contacting through our website these companies that believe, invest, know and preserve the Rota Vicentina®, you’ll be ensuring your contribution – even if indirectly – to the Rota Vicentina Association.
  • Why give a donation to Rota Vicentina?
    Rota Vicentina Association was born in 2013, having now almost 10 years of important work in the protection, development and sustainable promotion of the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, in Portugal.

    Rota Vicentina is recognised for its work of research and experimentation, from a community that invests its time, money and knowledge about the most precious local values.

    A donation would be an important contribution to the necessary reinvention of the way tourism is done in rural and natural areas.
  • Where can I see the Activities offer of Rota Vicentina?
    Check our Interactive Map as well as Rota Vicentina’a Agenda or the section Holidays and Activities to know the offer of Nature, Culture and Wellness activities. Here you will find activity programs that range from a few hours to several days, with or without accommodation included.
  • When to do the activities proposed by Rota Vicentina?
    There are activities options for all different times of the year. We recommend that you do not choose activities that require greater physical effort during the summer months. Wear a hat, sunscreen and drink lots of water if you do some outdoor activity during the hottest months between June and September. If you have any questions, please contact the company from the chosen activity directly.
  • To whom are these activities directed?
    There are activity options for all different tastes and physical conditions. See the section Holidays and Activities to know all the offers and contact directly the company of the activity that you choose if you have any questions or need a more personalized service.
  • Are there activities for children?
    There are activity options for all ages, as well as for families. See the section Holidays and Activities to know all the offers and contact directly the company of the activity you choose, if you have any questions or need a more personalized service for children.

    Please note that if one of the chosen activities is a guided walk on the Fishermen’s Trail, children under 12 years of age should be closely watched, as the path often passes close to the cliffs.
  • Are the activities for solo travelers or for groups?
    In the section Holidays and Activities and on the individual pages of each company, you will find the minimum number of participants. Many activities accept only one person, others work with groups. If you have any questions, please contact the company directly.
  • Will I be able to withdraw money without difficulties?
    Yes. You can find ATM machines in almost all locations at the beginning / end of the route along Rota Vicentina.
  • How is the weather?
    The months from September to June are recommended for hiking on the trails of Rota Vicentina, as well as for the most physically demanding activities as is the case of Cycling Trails.

    The whole summer season, particularly the months of July and August when it is hottest, is not the time for long walks or bike rides. However, we have several activities offered by our network of companies that can fill the hottest days.

    For a more accurate weather forecast, we recommend that you check your forecasts one or two days in advance of your trip.

    At IPMA – Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere – you will have access to a forecast of ten days.

    If you are already preparing your visit to Rota Vicentina see our suggestions to make the most of your trip.
  • Are there ticks in the region covered by Rota Vicentina?
    Yes, Rota Vicentina passes through countryside areas, where cattle grazes and where it is common to find ticks between spring and late autumn. These are not only on the ground, but also in the trees. We recommend that, at the end of the day, you make sure not to have ticks on your body or clothes. If you feel something out of the ordinary, such as a fever, go to a health center.
  • Can I use the existing public transport network in the region?

    The regional public transport network does not respond to most travel needs. Instead consider Rede Nacional de Expressos (bus connections) to get to where you need to go.

    You can also count on our taxi partners (+/- 1 € / km for round trip). Rota Vicentina Distances Table is a useful tool that allows you to get a sense of the distances and costs between the main spots in the region and to organize your journeys.

    Also, check the info on how to contact these transportation services.

    Some aspects to take into account:

    • Ticket purchasing locations are not always evident (cafes, shops, etc.), so you will need to inform yourself at each local destination as to where you can purchase tickets. It is sometimes necessary to do so one day in advance. In the case of Rede Expressos, you may also have difficulty purchasing the ticket directly on the bus.

    • When searching for bus schedules on the internet, please note that timetables are available only 14 days in advance from the date of travel. See any other date coinciding with the day of the week you are traveling to know the departure times available.

  • Is there a luggage and passenger transfer service?
    Yes. Most of the accommodations offer the service of transferring luggage and passengers, either by the accommodations own means or through partner transportation, so you only need to request this service at the time of booking.

    You can also request the service directly from transport service partners of Rota Vicentina.
  • Where can I find accommodation available along the trails?
    See the Accommodation section, where you can find the partner companies of Rota Vicentina. By booking with us, you are ensuring your contribution and the quality of our work. Your choice makes a huge difference!

    On the page of each accommodation you can easily access the Interactive Map and see the exact location of the accommodation in relation to the trails of Rota Vicentina. Another option is to follow our suggestions on the pages of each route and choose between the closest accommodations.

    We recommend special attention to the information that we have prepared about the accommodations, with regard to minimum length of stay, languages spoken, services and extras, suggestions of programs, functioning time, etc., so that you find exactly what you are looking for. You can also count on a service of transfers of passengers and luggage made available by some lodgings, which must be requested at the time of reservation.

    If you did not find what you were looking for, you can get a list of all the properties licensed in the region, by County, available on the website of each of the 5 counties of the Southwest of Portugal, including contacts and websites, for reservations and other informations: Sines , Santiago do Cacém, Odemira, Aljezur and Vila do Bispo.
  • What is the advantage of booking through Rota Vicentina website?
    Since the birth of Rota Vicentina, it has been the companies – and in particular the accommodations – that have invested the most in order to make RV what it is today, and for that reason alone, we believe that they deserve your preference.
    There are over 100 accommodations that offer you plenty of variety. If you make your reservation through the contact form, the entire amount of the reservation goes to the accommodation, without commission or intermediaries.
  • Should I book in advance, or can I decide each day where to stay?
    Our recommendation is to plan your trip and make the reservation in advance to avoid being left without accommodation.

    Contact our partner accommodations directly, so you are contributing to the Rota Vicentina project. You can even request extra services such as transfers, picnics, meals or other special necessities.
  • Can I camp along the route?
    The Fishermen’s Trail is located within the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, so it is forbidden to camp, to spend the night, to make bonfires, to leave trash, to collect firewood, or to carry out any other activities that disturb the nature and the surrounding space. Respect nature to help us preserve the Fishermen’s Trail for many years to come!

    On the Historical Way, there are no designated areas for camping, however you can ask the landlords directly if they allow you to set up a tent.

    In the region, campsites are usually situated along the coast. Get to know the partner offers of Rota Vicentina in the Accommodation section.
  • Are there holiday themed programs that include accomodation?
    Yes, see the Holidays and Activities page, where you will find programs that range from a few hours to several days, with or without accommodation included.
  • Are there accommodations that accept groups?
    Most accommodation in this region is small and family friendly. However, depending on the size of the group, you can find accommodations that will host the entire group. In the Accommodation page, more precisely in the individual page of each company, you will find the info on capacity.

    Please note that large groups require room bookings with a greater period in advance. Especially if you plan to travel in the summer, contact the accommodation a few months earlier.

    Alternately, look on our interactive map for nearby accommodations so that the group, although separated, can have accomodations near one another.
  • How can I volunteer for Rota Vicentina?

    • Participating in one of our activities

    • Adopting a trail as Caretakers

    • Integrating our activities of environmental conservation

    You can start by subscribing to be part of our list of volunteers and receive all the news from our Volunteering section of Rota Vicentina.
  • How can I get to know about the volunteer actions of Rota Vicentina?
    On Rota Vicentina’s Blog, by subscribing to the Volunteer Newsletter or by checking regularly our Instagram and our website.
  • Is there a cost for participating in the volunteer activities of Rota Vicentina?
    Participation in the Volunteer Actions of Rota Vicentina is free, just sign up.
  • Do I need any previous experience?
    No. Sign up regardless of your level of experience.
  • What are the volunteers’ tasks?
    Volunteer groups can be in charge of monitoring the quality of trails, repairing signage painting or putting in signage poles, removing invasive plants, collecting garbage on trails or beaches, integrating environmental awareness campaigns, and applying questionnaires to hikers.
  • What do I need to bring to a volunteering action?
    Rota Vicentina offers tools and safety equipment (but if you can bring your own gloves and a bag for garbage collection, we appreciate it!).

    For any activity in which you participate please bring boots, appropriate clothing and a hat. For certain activities we recommend the use of pants and long sleeves.

    Always bring supplies, namely water and snacks.
  • Can I take my dog for a volunteering action?
    You can if you have a dog without a hunting instinct, is disciplined and always on leash.
    The owner must take responsibility for its dog and pick up its droppings, leaving the trail clean.
  • Why is there no Volunteer work for Rota Vicentina during the summer?
    The recommended hiking season is between September and June, taking into account the high temperatures that are felt in the region. The same principle applies to voluntary actions.
  • Who can become a caretaker?
    Any person, family, group, association or company that assumes responsibility for managing and maintaining a section of Rota Vicentina on a regular basis. Start by signing up as a volunteer.
  • What are the duties of a caretaker?

    • Knowing the godparanted section well by foot, walking it at least once, understanding the course and familiarizing yourself with the installed signage.

    • Know the marking methodology used for Rota Vicentina.

    • Walk the whole godparanted section, at least twice a year – at the end of February and at the beginning of September (if necessary in phases), with the following objectives:

      • Reinforce the painting of signage.

      • Cut vegetation that is covering the signage.

      • Carry out a survey of damaged or missing signage / infrastructure, areas requiring interventions / improvements / vegetation cutting, among other details in need of improvement.

      • Prepare a brief report, accompanied by photographs, following each monitoring action to be sent to the Coordinator of Rota Vicentina.

    • Join the annual maintenance walk open to the community held in the godparanted section.

    • Support the Coordinator of Rota Vicentina in specific actions, previously scheduled.

    • Solve punctual maintenance issues, or establish contact with landlords, at the request of the Coordinator.

    • Become the link between the local community and Rota Vicentina.

    • Ensure caretaking of the chosen section for a period of 1 year. In case something arises and it is impossible for you to carry out your full 1 year period of in case you cannot renew for another year, help on the search for an alternative.


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