Consulting Rota Vicentina ®

10 years of experience in responsible and creative tourism

Rota Vicentina Association has a decade of experience in the territory of Southwest Portugal, in researching, promoting and leading a movement around responsibility in tourism.

What is really within the reach of each player so that tourism can be a real tool for development, both for local communities and for economic agents and countries?

How does it work?

This new consultancy service is available to consultancy firms and other strategic destination development teams:

Option 1

  • Sharing of the Rota Vicentina Association’s experience at the most diverse levels, in a 100% transparent process

  • Expository sharing, debate or Q&A format, online or in person

Option 2

  • Support for destinations or working groups in identifying opportunities

  • In-person format, with a visit to the territory and the main key players, an expository presentation and a development workshop

Option 3

  • Participation in conferences and other events of various formats.

What areas do we work in?

The Rota Vicentina Association’s areas of expertise offered in this consultancy service are always anchored in the theme of responsibility:

  • Design and management of Walking Trails.

  • Engagement of a community of volunteers for trail maintenance.

  • Management model and engagement of companies and the community.

  • Responsible marketing of the destination and its components

  • Responsible tourism from the perspective of the destination and its communities.

  • The connection of tourism with the other socio-economic and cultural sectors of a territory.

  • The role of local identity in responsible tourism.

  • The tourism of our future.

Who are we?

Marta Cabral
With a degree in Management, she has been CEO of Rota Vicentina Association since 2012.

Irene Nunes
Graduate in Political Science and International Relations, she has been responsible for Walking Trails and Volunteering at the Rota Vicentina Association since 2017.

Beatriz Silvestre
With a degree in Communication Sciences, she has been in charge of Marketing at the Rota Vicentina Association since 2019.

Contact us

Availability for this consultancy service is always subject to conditions, so we recommend contacting us as far in advance as possible.


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