Responsible Travel

The great journey of the human being today is an inward one.

In Rota Vicentina, we work as a local association to guide you in a journey with impact, for you, the visitor, and for us, the community.

Embrace – Protect – Support

A place cannot be good to visit if it is not good to live in. That’s why, in Rota Vicentina, we want everyone to be equally responsible for this territory, those who live here and those who are visiting. Embracing the community, protecting the landscape, and supporting local businesses is a common mission that is important to share:

A place cannot be good to visit if it is not good to live in. And to live in this area doesn’t only mean to wake up here every morning; it also means to be responsible for it, to belong to a community that makes this place what it is today and that makes it possible to be visited in a safe and comfortable way.

Be open by sharing experiences, learn about the local way of living. Choose activities provided by the community. You’ll be amazed on how much you would be missing otherwise!

Get away from the crowds on the coast by spreading along the region. The region is alive and needs to be cherished. There are amazing treasures hidden everywhere and local people will really welcome you behind the hill.

Rota Vicentina is based on a Natural Park, and its protection is challenging. It has amazing untouched landscapes living side by side with agriculture, villages, local businesses and tourism. It takes everyone’s care and awareness to preserve this unique region.

Follow the trails. They were carefully marked not only to show you the right way, but also to protect the natural habitat of hundreds of animals and plants of the region.

Rota Vicentina is so much more then breath-taking cliffs. Take a look at the Fishermen’s Trail, but take your time in the Historical Way and the Circular Routes. Every step is a travel in time, with untouched landscapes and villages.

Leave no trace, just your grace. We work hard to keep this region unspoiled. Do your part by leaving everything as you find it, natural and beautiful. In every step, in every smile, just leave the best part of you. Learn more here.

Locals are more and more alert to the importance of protecting the environment. But we also need visitors to take this pledge. Step forward and take your place in this ecosystem!

People own the land, they make their living from it. Visitors can contribute by choosing to shop locally and preferring local products.

Get to know the endogenous products and services that support local identity and the environment.

Choose the businesses that are partners of Rota Vicentina. They are investing for many years to provide you the best quality trails, besides dedicated facilities!

Choose quality over quantity. Local businesses are trying to align with the global urgency of reducing impact and levelling everyone’s conditions

How does Rota Vicentina contribute to Responsible Travel in the region?

Local Guides Course

In the first edition of the Responsible Tourism Course for Local Guides, the themes "Ethics" and "Affectivity" in Tourism played a key role in defining the basic concepts.


A message that gives voice to the path we want to follow, to the movement that is underway in the Southwest.


Since day one, the maintenance of the Walking Trails has been carried out with the support of volunteers, as a way of making the community co-responsible for a project and an infrastructure of public interest and thus guaranteeing its future.

Monitoring the impact

The ecological and socio-economic impact of the Rota Vicentina is measured regularly since year zero, with quantitative and qualitative approaches; the economic impact takes into account the percentage of endogenous and qualified economy.


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