There's always a good reason to stay another day.

Nature, culture, wellbeing… short experiences or longer tours to lose yourself in time… Because the best thing about the Rota Vicentina is our people, let them guide you through!

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Portugal’s Coastal Trail

S-Cape Travel

Bike Tour in Rota Vicentina & Algarve

Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking

The Wool Route

Casa da lua - Alentejo

Portugal Wild Coast

Portugal Nature Trails

Hike in Rota Vicentina

Portugal A2Z

Into the Wild

Wandern portugal

A Coast of Many Colours


2 Nights Tasting Local Flavours

Quinta do Chocalhinho

Mindful Walking

Stress Free Zone

Alentejo Coast DeLuxe

Portugal Reiseprofi

Portugal Heritage Tours


Along the Costa Vicentina


Rota Vicentina, along the southern trails


Love and Open Air

Costa do Vizir Beach Village

Walk the wild wonderful Vicentina Coast

One Foot Abroad

A tour to discover medicinal and aromatic plants

Hike In Alentejo

Trails of the Southwest by MTB

Algarve Bike Holidays

Cocaria and wine tasting

Herdade do Cebolal

Journey through Earth History – The Geology of the Southwest Algarve


Cycling the Rota Vicentina

Bike Tours Portugal, Caminhos da Natureza, Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking

Bird Migration in Sagres


Discovering the SW coast of Alentejo and the Algarve

Vicentina Travel

Walking Tour in Rota Vicentina & Algarve

Portugal A2Z Walking & Biking

See, hear, taste and smell another South

Casa do Lado


There's always a good reason to stay another day. No matter if you’re looking for an activity for the weekend or the holiday, the best things to do in Southwest of Portugal are here, in Rota Vicentina’s Agenda!

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Experts in surf, horseback riding, cycling, canoeing or kayaking, massages and crafts, get to know the local companies that we trust the most to represent Rota Vicentina in this area!

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