Rota Vicentina is much more than a hiking trail with its diverse and unique offers. It is a living network that connects people, territory and heritage, contributing to the sustainability of the rural areas of this special region.

There are different ways of contributing and collaborating behind the scenes of the development and preservation of Rota Vicentina and its region. You can help by giving your time on a singular or continuous basis, or by donating a financial contribution.


Field trips

with Rota Vicentina

Every two months we launch a new calendar of field trips, with various types of work involved, occurring on weekdays as well as on weekends.

Some jobs are more demanding than others, check case-by-case and try one out. Who knows you may become a fan and a join in as a part of the regular volunteer group of Rota Vicentina?

Conservation activities

Through 2020, we are working on the Life Volunteer Escapes project. It is a pioneering LIFE project in Portugal that aims to mobilize volunteers to collaborate in various nature protection actions, especially in Rede Natura 2000 sites. It involves 11 national partners and started in 2018.

Rota Vicentina aims to take the first steps in a pilot project to control invasive species along the Fishermen’s Trail, with new volunteers recruited for the purpose of this project and the existing invaluable support of our network of local volunteers. Learn more here.


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