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Rota Vicentina is much more than a hiking trail with its diverse and unique offers. It is a living network that connects people, territory and heritage, contributing to the sustainability of the rural areas of this special region.

There are different ways of contributing and collaborating behind the scenes of the development and preservation of Rota Vicentina and its region. You can help with your time, in an occasional or continuous way, or with your financial contribution, through a donation.

Maintenance hikes with Rota Vicentina

At the beginning of the walking season we launched a new calendar of maintenance hikes, with various types of work involved.
Some jobs are more demanding than others, check case-by-case and try one out. Who knows you may become a fan and a join in as a part of the regular volunteer group of Rota Vicentina?

Check 2023-2024 calendar
family of volunteers looking after the trails of the vicentina route

Being a caretaker

Individuals of any age and level of experience, schools, associations or companies have chosen to become godfather/mother of specific stages or routes. This is an effective form of volunteering has become more and more popular!
If you are available to godparent a course, we propose a one-year commitment, sign up today.

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Long term Volunteering

Being a volunteer is an act of love. And in Rota Vicentina we always have open arms to receive those who dedicate themselves to the same cause as we do. Through the European Solidarity Corps it is possible to be part of Rota Vicentina and walk it like no one else, helping the Association for approximately one year. Stay tuned for the next opportunities!

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Even learning about the various challenges and volunteer actions is a way of taking the first step toward becoming more involved. You can always start by signing up for the newsletter, and perhaps this could lead to your first day as a volunteer? We send an e-mail every three months, on average, and of course you can unsubscribe at any time.