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The success of this project is everyone’s success.

Did you know that Rota Vicentina is a nonprofit association?

Join our network of partners and help us give more and do better for both you, and the region.

As a partner of Rota Vicentina,you will integrate a single work platform that includes the various services indispensable to the visitor – accommodation, cafes, restaurants, tourist animation, travel agencies, taxis, commerce and services – with an important economic potential,so that the offer and the demand intersect in an easy and intuitive way.

Rota Vicentina partner network currently has more than 200 local and foreign companies, from various sectors, which see in this project an opportunity to respond to the challenges of the development of Nature Tourism throughout the region, which integrates 3 districts, 2 regions and 6 municipalities.

Rota Vicentina – Association for the Promotion of Nature Tourism on the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, has since 2013 been the singular entity responsible for the management, integration, stimulation, development and promotion of the pedestrian trails of Rota Vicentina, as well as the range of tourism offers associated with Rota Vicentina. Rota Vicentina is from the region. Don’t miss out!

Ways to join Rota Vicentina:

Consult the membership conditions (only PT) and submit your application using the form at the bottom of this page.
Please note that these conditions are active since 2013 and may be revised at any time.

Type of Member


Annual fee

From € 300

Initial value € 80

Varies according to the type of business

Receive a Rota Vicentina promotional pack, have your own webpage on the Rota Vicentina website and interactive map, display your “Partner Rota Vicentina stamp”, have access to discounts of up to 40% on materials and become an active part of the Rota Vicentina network.

Type of Member


Annual fee

From €60

Varies according to the type of business

Its inclusion in the interactive map and have access to discounts of 25% on promotional materials.

Type of Member

or Operator

When joining as a partner company, you guarantee the involvement in the Rota Vicentina enterprises network, the support in the creation of programmes in the region and has the possibility of using the brand and discounts on promotional materials.

Type of Member

Individual Member

Annual fee

€ 60

You get a 25% discount on official Rota Vicentina materials.

Exclusive Benefits

The conditions and benefits for companies depend on the type and category of your membership, understand the difference between being a partner company or a listed company.

  • Use of the official Rota Vicentina® partner stamp

  • Right to use privileged content, trademark and Rota Vicentina logo®

  • Integration into the network of companies and partnerships between the various sectors

  • Stand alone page on Rota Vicentina website

  • Exclusive participation in promotional and commercial actions (national and international)

  • Access to promotional / technical material with a discount of up to 40%

How we invest the contribution of our Associates:

  • Maintenance and improvement of routes and signage

  • Promotion of tourism offer of the associated companies

  • Commercial support

  • National and international promotion

  • Development of the sustainability model of Rota Vicentina

  • Exclusive participation in promotional and commercial actions (national and international)

  • Engagement of the local community in the project

  • Conservation and protection of Natural Heritage

  • Promotion of socio-cultural values of the region

  • Promotion of socio-cultural values of the region

  • Monitorization of the Impact of Rota Vicentina in the region

How Rota Vicentina changed the region

In more than 10 years of existence, Rota Vicentina has been able to become a defining characteristic of the Southwest of Portugal.

Most visitors start by planning their trip through our website, which already has more than one million annual visits. The website is an essential factor for the economic sustainability of the project, but also for promoting the ongoing message of sustainability and responsible tourism.

On average, Rota Vicentina receives 24000 hikers a year, coming mainly from Europe outside the high season, especially during the autumn and spring. With these visits, the region benefited in 2017 from an added value of 15 million euros, with 8 million remaining in the local economy. Rota Vicentina is also responsible for the creation of around 1600 jobs in the region.

The environmental, social and economic impact of Rota Vicentina in the region has been monitored and documented in great detail. Check the results here.

How to become a member of Rota Vicentina?

Membership is valid upon the approval by the Rota Vicentina management board and the payment of the membership contributions applicable.

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