Historical Way

Ícone verde com moinho que simboliza o Caminho Histórico

Historical Way comprises a total of 13 sections and 263 km.

To be done slowly, according to flow of country life.

It runs through the main towns and villages in a rural itinerary with several centuries of history.

Comprised mainly of rural trails, this is a classic Grand Route (GR), with stretches of cork tree forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks, in a true journey through time, local culture and nature trails.

In 2016 and 2020, the Historical Way of the Rota Vicentina was certified by the European wide label “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe”, a certification from ERA – European Ramblers Association – joining the exclusive group of the best walking destinations in Europe. The Sabóia » Odemira section is not included in this certification.


When traversing the Walking Trails of the Rota Vicentina (which passes through public but also private paths), the walker does so under their own responsibility. Note that when crossing private land, your passage is authorised by the owners but only for a pedestrian crossing.

263 km of rural roads by the lesser known side of the region.

Intuitive signage to make the entire journey in autonomy, both ways.

13 sections of a day with a maximum of 25 km, with the exception of the connecting route Odemira-Sabóia which has 33 km.

General Difficulty degree: easy.

If you are a mountain biker, check the network of cycling trails and pay attention to hikers.

Footpath registered and approved by Portuguese Federation of Camping and Mountaineering(FCMP), integrating GR 11/E9, connecting Sagres to St. Petersburg.

Footpath distinguished with the Leading Quality Trails certification, by the European Ramblers Association.

Only for walking. The pace of walkers preserves the interest of the owners study alternatives for motorcycles and jeeps.

Accommodation and other services along the entire route. Study the interactive map.

Download the GPS tracks on the individual trail pages.

Signposting of the Historical Way

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Stages of the Historical Way

13 one-day stages, which can be walked in both directions, between the months of September and June.

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