Touring Bike

Touring Bike

Linking Lisbon and Faro airports by bike.

Rota Vicentina Touring Bike offers the provision of a GPS track, that links the airports of Lisbon and Faro, giving you access to Rota Vicentina networked partnership companies with bike friendly services.

Touring Bike complements the Rota Vicentina Cycling trails, which also includes a network of over 1000 km for mountain biking. It was created as a response to numerous requests for a route between the walking trails (Historical Way, Fishermen’s Trail e 24 Circular Routes) and the airports of Lisbon and Faro.

North » SouthSouth » North

Track only available in GPS.

Throughout the trail the rules of the Highway Code must be scrupulously respected, always taking special care with the possible presence of motor vehicles.

The route runs along tarmac roads, where possible, along are secondary roads, with dirt roads.

It can be followed in either direction: North >South or South > North.

Accommodation and bike friendly services specifically for cyclists. Check the interactive map.

Check the Help Guide for more information.


  • The route is mostly on tarmac roads, dirt tracks and cycle paths, avoiding roads with heavy car traffic whenever possible. Respect the Highway Code and pay special attention in all circumstances.

  • The route goes through numerous areas where there is no support for cyclists. Take this into account when preparing your adventure!

  • Download the stage description for more information about this route and check out the short sections with variants to the route.


Although it can be divided up in the most convenient way for each cyclist, the Touring Bike route is formally divided into 10 stages of around 50 km, and can be done North to South or South to North.

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Take the route with you! Here you can download the GPS of the routes to confirm that you are on the right track!

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