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More than 200 km between Santiago do Cacém and Cape St. Vincent

Thinking of those who want to travel by bike with their luggage, in a mix of adventure and freedom, the Rota Vicentina offers a journey through Southwest Portugal, on a route carefully chosen to reveal some of the most unknown trails in this region. Between the mountains and the sea, this pedal-powered encounter with the rural culture of the interior and the beautiful, well-preserved Alentejo and Vicentina Coast, follows the goal of reaching the extreme south-western tip of the European continent: Cape Saint Vincent. Divided into 4 stages, with around 55 kilometers each, this route stands out for its possible connections through the region’s railway stations (Grândola, Funcheira, Santa Clara-Sabóia and Lagos), bike friendly accommodation and also the routes and bike stations of the Cyclin’ Portugal Centre in Odemira.

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Marked: no

Level of difficulty: easy

Type: linear

Length: 226 km

Duration: 18 h

Accumulated: + 1 815 m / - 1 972 m

Min / Max altitude: 2 m / 274 m

Technical Level: 2 (5)

Recommended bikes: Touring, Electric, Gravel

Recommended season: September to June

For a 4-day trip, these are the suggested stages:


  • This route mainly follows quiet national and municipal roads, tarmac paths and open roads where you may encounter car traffic. Take special care and respect the highway code.

  • Travel at a moderate speed and be particularly careful on descents.

  • Always give way to walkers and pay attention to the possibility of crossroads.

  • Respect animals, nature and private property: close all gates, especially those of livestock enclosures, if you need to open them to pass through.


  • There are four suggested stages on this route (GB1, GB2, GB3, GB4), but you can find the best way to enjoy it, depending on your physical condition and time available.

  • Remember that there are several ways to get to the region, allowing for bicycle transport, with the train being one of the fastest and most environmentally friendly options. The railway stations that connect and best serve this route are: Grândola, Funcheira, Santa Clara-Sabóia and Lagos. There are connecting stages (L1, L2, L3, L4 and L5) to each of these railway stations. You can find more information on the region’s website or on the official Comboios de Portugal website.

  • Along the way, as well as in some of the Rota Vicentina’s partners’ bike-friendly accommodations, you will find bike stations that offer bike washing and maintenance, minor repairs and adjustments, tyre inflation and, in some cases, electric bike charging.

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