Journey to Earth History – The Geology of the Southwest Algarve

By Proactivetur

• Observation and geological interpretation activity
• Look and Touch 400 Million Years of History
• Possibility to know places of unique geological landscape
• Possibility to observe different types of lithologies formed in different geological contexts.
• Walk and know what you are stepping on

Have you ever imagined walking in mountain like the Himalayan? And why not know ancient oceans over 300 million years old? And soon thereafter find under your feet evidence of the exact moment of the opening and formation of the Atlantic Ocean. And the beach sand, what is it made of and where does it come from?

Over a day in the southwest of the Algarve it will be possible to identify and interpret approximately 400 million years of Earth's history. With several stops with short walks, in a fun and uncomplicated way we will go together on this journey through Earth history always with our feet flat on the ground. It is an opportunity for beginners, curios or experts to look at the landscape in another way. In the end, you will be able to read some of the stories that the rocks tell us and better understand our own story.



Cape St. Vincent




Spoken languages



< 1 Day

Half-Day (4h) – €215 Full-Day (8h) – €375




Include some light physical exercise activity

Group size

Min. 1 pax Max. 4 pax (for more than 4 people please ask a quotation)

Pet friendly


Bike friendly



After the concentration at the meeting point our program is the follow:

- Trip to Arrifana: Introduction to the main geological concepts, cartographic interpretation, visit the rock outcrops from the Baixo Alentejo Flysch Group
- Stop at Carrapateira: Introduction to the Algarve Basin and visualization of Jurassic units
- Stop at Telheiro Beach: Visit to the angular discord of Telheiro and the Fossil Dunes
- Stop at Cape St. Vincent: Visit to St. Vincent Cape.
- Stop at Beliche Beach: Visualization of some geological structures
- Lunch
- Stop at Porto da Baleeira beach to observe fossilized reefs
- Stop at Salema to watch dinosaur foot prints
- Stop at Praia da Luz to observe some Cretaceous formations and volcanic chimney
- Stop at Ponta da Piedade for viewing karst structures and cenozoic sediments.

Consult the agenda or contact us for other dates!

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