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Providing the best options for you to fully enjoy your journey, immersing yourself in nature and local culture, and contributing to a sustainable future for the region.

We believe that the only way to truly surrender yourself to the full experience of this special place is through the people of the region who know each unique piece of land, what gives it potential and also what makes it fragile.

If you are a resident or a visitor, this page and this project are yours: welcome to Rota Vicentina!

Responsible Travel

This is a coastal nature reserve with a strong emphasis on habitats and the local way of life.

To make a positive contribution and make sure you do not have any negative impacts on the land or the local communities, know our rules and recommendations before planning your trip and before you arrival.

What would you like to do?

The marked trails are an excellent way to explore this region at your own pace, whether on foot or by bike. But if you are open to suggestions, explore the activities and programs prepared by specialized companies, in some cases in partnership with local communities. These activities include nature, wellness or cultural experiences. .

Get to know more about our offers:
– Pedestrian trails
– Cycling Routes
– Programs and Activities

What do you need?

We help you find the tools best suited to your needs:

Organize your trip– it is time to decide what kind of program you would like to do, what kind of support you will need, your itinerary, reservations, and further planning for the adventure ahead.

Once you’re here – this section will help you plan your days in detail, with links to the mobile application, proposals for activities, restaurants, transport and events, among other things.

Map – the interactive map is an important tool that provides information on trails, companies, distances of hikes, and much more.

Kiosk – if you prefer to use paper maps and guides, please visit our online kiosk. There you will also find Rota Vicentina merchandise, and other high quality products made in Portugal. &nbps;

What is your hikers profile?

Individual – trails are safe to do alone, but you should always be prepared for the hike and check the normal safety rules. Please see the help guide for more information; There are not many single room options for accomodations, however there are several hostels in certain locations, search here.

Group – groups with over 20 people are not allowed on the Fishermen’s trail, however there are plenty of other trails to choose from. Search
for alternative trails here. Although there are not a large amount of options, there are several excellent accommodation options with larger capacity. Check out our offer and make sure to book in advance. Make sure to learn all about our other activities, many of them ideal for larger groups.

With children and teenagers – in addition to the normal safety rules, we advise not bringing young children on long journeys and especially when temperatures are high. For circular routes, choose between September and June. You can also combine various activities to keep things exciting and for these age groups!

Reduced mobility – pregnant women, elderly and all people with special needs deserve our utmost attention. Although we are unable to respond to all suggestions and inquiries, we have started an ongoing process of identifying and improving options for some of these reduced mobility alternatives.

Help guide

We’ve focused all the information and topics you might need here in theHelp Guide.

Check it out and find answers to all your questions!

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