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Rota Vicentina is yours, know it better!

Whatever your role, you are an important part of Rota Vicentina. This project is yours!

Rota Vicentina is a private project with an associative and community-based nature. It has many people and entities that have come together to contribute daily to the realization of this dream, which has now become a beautiful reality.

The local community includes those who have this land close to their hearts and have its best intentions in mind. If you are reading this, you know it! Our ambition is to help those who are already involved, to enable them to improve and contribute to the best of their abilities!

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Take on the spirit of travel in your very own home, because the truth is that you live in one of the best regions of the world and there is always more to discover!

Living the region and the Rota Vicentina in its essence is what we propose, and we want it to be an unforgettable and above all constructive experience. Check out our tips for responsible travel and set off on an adventure without reservations!

6 steps to Responsible Travel

I have a company

Rota Vicentina has a network of over 200 companies, national and foreign, from various activity sectors that form a unique platform of joint working and a network of service offers to those who both reside in and visit the region.

Rota Vicentina label stands for quality, responsibility and sustainability. Learn how to be part of this network and prefer partner companies.

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I am a public entity

Working in partnership is at the heart of Rota Vicentina and there are numerous public and private entities that help us actively build this project.

Subscribing to our institutional newsletter can be the first step in initiating or strengthening a cooperative process.

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I am a landowner

There are thousands of owners and tenants of the lands in which Rota Vicentina passes through. We cannot thank them enough for the generous way they have welcomed not only the trails but the hikers who travel them!

Leave us your contact to become a part of the network of owners participating and Rota Vicentina will provide you with all the support you need to participate.

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I'm a volunteer

There are over one thousand kilometers of Rota Vicentina trails for hikers or mountain bikers, all maintained with the help of a vast network of volunteers. Your help is invaluable so that we may continue to be proud of the quality of these trails, certified and praised throughout the world.

If you want to contribute, be a volunteer or become caretaker of a stage of Rota Vicentina, please reach out! But simply subscribing to our Volunteer Newsletter to follow our calendar is are already doing a lot! !

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I'm a local

Trails, landscape, biodiversity, products, culture and local identity … Rota Vicentina is a result of those who built it and build it daily with their hands, their hearts, and their creativity.

We have some indications to the challenges we face in order to do more and do better, but we truly count on your opinions and input on the work of this project, because it also belongs to you.

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I am a student or teacher

As we aim to reconcile economy with local identity, innovation and environmental awareness, young people are essential for the evolution of the project in the coming years.

Therefore, we have several projects supporting entrepreneurship as well as cultural and environmental awareness in multiple schools in the region.

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I'm a journalist

Local newspapers and radios are essential partners to speak on the results and challenges pertaining to Rota Vicentina and we want these entities to be an active part of this process.

We have an area dedicated to the press and a newsletter specifically for the local press.

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I want to know more about: the ID project

ID from Identity. Through a sustainable network of tourism and culture, in a dynamic collaboration between all these participants, a project guided by the Rota Vicentina was born: the ID.

Using its own methods drawn from the local identity – as for example the Rota Vicentina Agenda – the ID proposes an integrated development of the territory and invites those who were born here, those who are visiting and those who have chosen this place to live, to reveal the local identity in the culture, in the nature, in the knowledge and flavours of the region.

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I want to know more about: the Rota Vicentina Association

Rota Vicentina – Association for the Promotion of Nature Tourism in the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast is a non-profit associative entity, created in 2013 to manage this project that has become very ambitious, with great sense of responsibility.

Get to know us better and find out who is behind the trails of Rota Vicentina.

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