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There are more than one hundred different accommodation options including campsites, hotels, country houses, boutique houses, guesthouses, local accommodation and hostels. Some with exclusive offers for hikers or cyclists.

Help us to value these local companies and book from our website.

If you value the direct contact with the business partners of Rota Vicentina® without intermediaries nor comission fees, use the Direct Reservation option that you can find at the bottom of each accommodation page.

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Selo Clean & Safe

Salema Eco Camp

Retiro do Mocho

Casa Vicentina

Apartamentos Baú Doce

Retromovement House

Almograve Beach Hostel

Monte D. Manuel

Casazul Milfontes

Selo Clean & Safe

Monte das Alpenduradas

Utopia Guesthouse

Selo Clean & Safe

Casa Fajara

Naturarte Campo

Casa do Lado

Selo Clean & Safe

Hotel Mira Sagres

Monte Xisto

Selo Clean & Safe

Casa do Adro da Igreja

Hotel Rural Moita Mar


Monte da Vilarinha

Selo Clean & Safe

Quinta das Beldroegas

Três Marias

Montes da Ronha

Sunshine Patio Getaway

Selo Clean & Safe

Cerro da Fontinha

Barranco da Fonte

Selo Clean & Safe

Hostel Nature

Herdade da Matinha

Selo Clean & Safe

Quinta do Chocalhinho

Selo Clean & Safe

Camping e Bungalows S. Miguel

Cerca do Sul

Selo Clean & Safe

Aldeia da Pedralva

Memmo Baleeira Hotel

Monte da Corça Nova

Monte Chabouco

Amazigh Hostel

Selo Clean & Safe

Teima Alentejo Sw

Casa Lamelas

Selo Clean & Safe

Alcatruz Hotel

Selo Clean & Safe

Pure Flor de Esteva

Selo Clean & Safe

Yelloh! Village Costa do Vizir

Santa Clara Country Hotel

Selo Clean & Safe

Herdade do Pessegueiro

Monte do Zeca

Selo Clean & Safe

Casa da Seiceira

Monte da Choça

Rosa dos Ventos

Selo Clean & Safe

Hotel Porto Covo


Selo Clean & Safe

Pensão das Dunas

Casa Santo António

Selo Clean & Safe

Vicentina Hotel

Moinhos do Paneiro

Herdade do Touril

Selo Clean & Safe

Cercas Velhas

Santiago Hotel Cooking & Nature

Casas do Moinho

Herdade do Freixial

A Lareira Guesthouse

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