Fishermen’s Trail


Probably one of the best coastal trails in the world

According to the prestigious Condé Nast Traveler magazine, the Fishermen’s trail is among the 6 most beautiful coastal trails in the world.

Always by the sea, follows the paths used by the locals to access the beaches and fishing grounds.
It is a single track walkable only on foot, along the cliffs, with lots of sand and therefore more demanding from the physical point of view.
A challenge to permanent contact with the wind of the sea, the rudeness of the coastal landscape and the presence of a wild and persistent nature.

It includes a total of 13 steps, a total of 226,5 km.



Very fragile ecosystem, follow the markings of the rails

Intuitive signage to make the entire journey in autonomy, both ways.

13 one day trails, with a maximum of 22.5 km.

Not recommended to people with vertigo or fear of heights

General level of difficulty: somewhat difficult

Accommodation and other services along the entire route. Study the interactive map

To do exclusively on foot

Maximum number of 20 people per group

The movement of vehicles in the dunes is prohibited

The practice of trail running is not compatible with the care that this ecosystem requires

60 to 70 of sandy rails

No wild camping. Search for the campsites.

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