Taxi and Transfers Carlos Domingos

Cercal do Alentejo / Vila Nova de Milfontes

In 2008, Carlos Domingos decided to move forward with the passenger transport activity, investing in a light passenger vehicle. Currently, it offers a small and diversified fleet of vehicles (5, 7 and 9 seats) with the possibility of transporting volumes with an unusual format (a lot of luggage, bicycles, bicycle trailers, etc.).

If at the beginning he only worked in Cercal do Alentejo because he only has one vehicle, he currently has a license to work in other locations (Vila Nova Milfontes and Colos) where he provides the same services.

From an early age, Carlos Domingos understood the philosophy inherent in the services to be provided to hikers and structured his service perfectly, being adapted to fully respond to all requests coming from those who are going to start or end a hiking day.

Challenge Carlos or Natércia with a difficult request and in addition to carrying it out with high professionalism, friendliness and above all punctuality, you will also be treated to a sincere and honest smile and some more surprises on board!

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Money, Bank Transfer
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24h/7 days a week/365 days per year
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Carlos Domingos and Natércia
Vila Nova de Milfontes
M: (+351) 964 596 036 / (+351) 967 393 625
GPS: 37°48'0.52''N / 8°40'21.26''W
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Local passenger and luggage transport services
Transfers to and from Lisbon, Beja and Faro Airport
Transfers to and from accommodation
Transfers to and from any point on the Rota Vicentina - start, end or middle of a section
Individual and collective tourist tours


Taxi Service in the Sw Portugal region

Passenger transport in pessenger vehicles (5, 7 or 9 seats)

Passenger and luggage transfers

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