Official patch of Rota Vicentina, made in Portugal.

More than an accessory or souvenir, it’s a hiking tradition that celebrates every step taken on the trails of Rota Vicentina! Apply this patch to your clothing or backpack as a symbol of the achievements and memories experienced in the Southwest of Portugal.

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Round and embroidered patch with Rota Vicentina logo, made in Portugal. Brown border and beige background. For heat application with thermoadhesive film. Check the application recommendations in the ‘Additional Information’ section of this page.

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7 cm Ø


Rota Vicentina official patch already comes with an adhesive film. Begin by choosing the item where you will apply the patch, preferably using thick cotton or denim fabrics. Place the item on an ironing board, position the patch with the thermoadhesive side facing down, and cover it with a thin towel. Turn on the iron with the steam option turned off. Place the iron on top of the patch and towel and press for a few seconds. Let it cool, lift the towel, and check if the patch is securely attached by trying to lift the edges with your finger. For added durability, you can reinforce the application of this product through sewing. Avoid machine washing the item where the patch is applied; instead, opt for hand washing in cold water and air drying.

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