Maintenance hike Santa Clara to the Lake

By Rota Vicentina
Fauna & FloraNatureWalking
Meerting point at the Santa Clara-a-velha tourism office.

37°30'48.3"N 8°28'36.5"W
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Date and time
24 Mar, 2024
09:00:00h - 15:00:00h
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Along this walk (with easy difficulty level), we intend to review and maintain the trail, including reviving the marks, cutting the vegetation that is blocking the signs or the passage, these are some of the necessary interventions. For this activity, it is advisable to bring comfortable clothes and shoes to walk 10 km. It is also essential to bring water, food, work gloves, a hat and a bag to collect garbage that we may find. In case of bad weather (eg rain, which does not allow paintings), the walk is canceled.

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