Long Distance MTB Trail


From Amoreiras-Gare to Santa Clara-a-Velha

144,5  KM

The main objective of this Long Distance MTB Trail is to connect all the Odemira MTB trailheads, departing from a train station and ending at or near another station.

It is a relatively long course but of a low technical level and so is also accessible to Gravel bikes.

Although it often runs alongside sections of other MTB routes, it is designed to avoid the most technical sections, therefore it has a higher percentage of asphalt, but always with little traffic.

You can start at Amoreiras-Gare Station (where there is 1 train a day), or at Funcheira (with 3 daily trains) or go to Santa Clara, passing 8 km before at Savoie Station (where 3 trains stop daily).

The train stations and the 5 headtrails of the network follow in order:

Technical File

Level of Difficulty: Very Difficult

Type: Between 2 Points

Length: 144,5 km

Duration: 6 h a 10 h

Accumulated Level: + 2.050 / – 2.160 m

Altitude Mín. / Máx.: 3 m / 230 m

Technical Level: 2 (5)

Physical Level: 4,5 (5)

Marked Route: Yes


You can reduce the route to 123 km by starting at Funcheira Station and finishing at Santa Clara/Sabóia.
Another possibility is to divide the route into stages.

In this case we suggest these 3 options:

Option 1 – 5 stages / days
27 km – From Amoreiras-Gare to Colos
25 km – From Colos to São Luís
28 km – From São Luís to Odemira
22 km – From Odemira to São Teotónio
41 km – From São Teotónio to Santa Clara-a-Velha

Option 2 – 3 stages / days
52 km – From Amoreiras-Gare to São Luís
50 km – From São Luís to São Teotónio
41 km – From São Teotónio to Santa Clara-a-Velha

Option 3 – 2 stages / days
80 km – From Amoreiras-Gare to Odemira
63 km – From Odemira to Santa Clara-a-Velha


This route often crosses quiet national and municipal roads and follows the interior of the villages and towns through which it passes.

In the countryside, it follows mainly roads and roads open to traffic, where you can sometimes encounter car traffic. We therefore recommend special attention to the Rules and Recommendations.

It might be necessary to open livestock protection gates which should always be closed again after passing through.

After heavy rains, some paths may be flooded or very muddy, and special attention should be paid to these circumstances.

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