Taxis Aníbal

Porto Covo / Santiago do Cacém / Sines

A family runned business, with many years of experience in the region, Táxi Aníbal offers services in various parts of the region, namely in Porto Covo, next to Largo do Marquês, in Vila Nova de Santo André and in Santiago do Cacém.

All the staff at the service of Táxi Aníbal are knowledgeable about the region and even in the most delicate requests, or in the most inhospitable locations, whether in the middle of the trail or elsewhere, they respond positively and with an available smile.

In addition to the traditional taxi service, for short passenger transport, whether to accommodation, points of departure or arrival of public transport, whether bus stations or railways, They also carrie out passenger transfers to and from airports: Lisbon and Faro.

Although based in this region, its operations are possible to any part of the country, in comfortable vehicles and with drivers qualified to speak at least two languages: Portuguese and English.

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Aníbal Tomé Pereira
Largo das Acácias, Brº das Flores, 257 - Sines
M: +351 967 678 171 / +351 914 517 151
GPS: 37°51'7.34"N / 8°47'26.69"W
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Local transportation services for costumers and luggage
Transfers to and from Faro or Lisbon airport
Transfers to and from any destination of Rota Vicentina
Transfers to and from Rota Vicentina accommodations or restaurants


Transfers to and from the main airports (Lisboa, Faro)


Transfers to and from all beginnings or  ends of Rota Vicentina sections

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