La Bella Vita

Porto Covo

Very close to the main square in the village of Porto Covo, the pizzeria La Bella Vita it is open everyday waiting for you and your family to visit and taste their famous italian pizzas and pastas.
The warm ant detailed service provided by the entire staff will create an even better gastronomic experience. By controlling the origin of the ingredients and therefore its freshness and taste, all products are local.

With an history of almost 16 years of experience, this is definitely one of the most known places in Porto Covo and surrounding areas. To confirm this there are several excellence certificates issue by Tripadvisor (3 years in a role) and by Eccellenze Italiane.
In the kitchen and preparing the pizzas its André, a certified pizzaiolo and with very high scores in international pizza contests.

Spoken languages



78 in room and 40 outside
Day off
Open all days
Opening Hours
Lunches 12AM to 5PM
Dinners 6PM to 11PM
Average price per person
Entre 15 a 20€
Take-away service
Reservations are possible 
André Pereira
Rua Vasco da Gama, 8
7520-237 Porto Covo
T:  (+351) 269 905 115
M: (+351) 967 656 679
GPS: 37°51'05.2"N / 8°47'31.7"W
Bruschettas: 4,00€
Fried shrimps: 15,00€
Sangria: from 12,50€
Alentejo and Italian wines: from 12,00€
Pizza Sole Mio: 12,50€
LA Bella Vita pasta: 12,00€
Tiramissú: 3,50€
Panna Cotta: 3,50€

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