Portugal’s Coastal Trail

Unter S-Cape Travel

• Explore the relatively unknown Sw coast
• Fishermen’s Trail and Natural Park T
• Welcoming accommodation with friendly staff
• Great food and wine
• The south westernmost point on the European continent

This amazing tour invites every traveller to explore the relatively unknown Southwest Coast of Portugal, combining the Fishermen’s Trail with the Historical Way of the Rota Vicentina.
Suitable for independent travellers and groups or families alike, this holiday is a great way to experience the traditionally relaxed Portuguese lifestyle and all the pleasures of great food and wine, while hiking through the Southwest Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park.
Let yourself be inspired by the Atlantic Ocean breeze, the rocky cliffs, the deserted beaches, the small villages and the perfumed flowered hills of this wild region or by the beautiful and unique sunset at Cape St. Vincent.





Kap St. Vincent


Vila do Bispo

Zambujeira do Mar






> 7 Days

A partir de 480€ | 7 noites






Min. 1 pax Max. 15 pax


Day 1: Arrival in the Alentejo
Arrival in the Alentejo, at the coastal village of Zambujeira do Mar.
Challenge: Travel to Portugal
Villages along the way: Zambujeira do Mar

Day 2: Almograve » Cape Sardão » Zambujeira do Mar | 20.7 km, 5.5 h – 6 h
This morning you start off with a short taxi transfer to the village of Almograve. Your 7-hour walk along the way-marked foot path “Rota Vicentina” takes you along the coast, via Cavaleiro and the lighthouse at Cape Sardão, enjoying spectacular cliffs on the way back to Zambujeira do Mar. If you feel a bit tired, just ask the taxi driver to drop you off in Cavaleiro (9 km less).

Challenge: 20.7 km, 175 m ascent, 5.5 h – 6 h
Villages along the way: Almograve, Cavaleiro

Day 3: Zambujeira » Azenha do Mar » Odeceixe | 20 km, 5.5 h – 6 h

Today you follow again part of the Rota Vicentina along the coast. Rolling dunes alternate with rocky shores, where storks nest, till reaching the fishing village at Azenha do Mar, already more than half way to the rural town of Odeceixe.

Challenge: 20 km, 220 m ascent, 5.5 h – 6 h
Villages along the way: Azenha do Mar, Odeceixe

Day 4: Odeceixe » Amoreira beach » Aljezur |  17.5 km ou 20 km, 5 h or 6 h
Today you follow the Rota Vicentina land inwards; first along an irrigation channel as it winds through varied agriculture fields and then through an open landscape of heather and fragrant shrubs, till the village of Aljezur. If you can’t get enough of the coast, you can choose to take the Fishermen’s Trail, after passing the village of Rogil, till the beach of Amoreira. From here you’ll be picked up by taxi to reach Aljezur, where you’ll stay in a comfortable hotel with private swimming pool.

Challenge: 17.5 km or 20 km, max 145 m ascent, 5h or 6h
Villages along the way: Rogil, Aljezur

Day 5: Arrifana » Carrapateira | 15.5 km ou 23.7 km, 4.5 h or 7.5 h
Your route choice for this day will depend on the tides, but whatever you do, the day starts with a short taxi ride to the fishing village of Arrifana. If tides are low, you can walk along rocky strands and sandy beaches. If water levels are high, you take an alternate route further inland via Bordeira to Carrapateira.

Challenge: 15.5 km or 23.7 km, 200 m or 325 m in ascent, 4.5 or 7.5 h
Villages along the way: Arrifana, Bordeira, Carrapateira

Day 6: Carrapateira » Vila do Bispo | 19 km, 6.5 h
Today you walk directly from the hotel in Carrapateira to the hotel in Vila do Bispo. Depending on the tides, the walking day will provide coastal and inland sections. Near the start of the walk, you’ll have a good chance of spotting fishermen perched high on the cliffs. Your route ends in the historic village of Vila do Bispo, where you spend the night at a lovely hotel with indoor swimming pool and sauna.

Challenge: 19 km, 400 m ascent, 6.5 h
Villages along the way: Vila do Bispo

Day 7: Vila do Bispo » Cape St. Vincent | 14 km, 4 h
The last hike takes you through pastures and fields to the most South-western point of Portugal. You walk along a flat track and narrow fishermen’s paths above rocky shores. If the weather is warm, there is the option of stopping for a swim at ‘Praia da Ponta Ruiva’. This last walk of the trip ends at windy Cape St. Vincent, with sweeping views of the ocean. Taxi transfer back to your hotel in Vila do Bispo.

Challenge: 14 km, 150 m ascent, 4 h – 4.5 h
Villages along the way: Sagres

Day 8: End of program
End of trip after breakfast.

Challenge: Travel from Portugal

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