Vila do Bispo

Vila Nova de Milfontes







5 – 7 Days





Day 01 - Arrival
You can make your own way by train or bus from Lisboa to the village of Grândola.
Overnight and dinner in Grândola.

Day 02 - Cycling Route 1: Grândola | Santo André (36 km / 22 mi)
Your journey starts in the village of Grândola, a typical small town of Alentejo with very special characteristics, combining the influences of the coast with those of the inland regions of southern Portugal. Farming continues to be a very important activity here, with rice being the most significant crop.
You´ll cross the beautiful beach of Melides, composed of the long stretch of sand that separates the sea and Melides Lagoon.
Your ride continues until you´ll get to Santo André lagoon and part of the Nature Reserve. The Costa de Santo André Beach is a long stretch of sand with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the calm waters of the lagoon on the other. Surrounded by golden dunes, this beach with its challenging waters is very popular among surfers.
Overnight in Santo André.

Day 03 - Cycling Route 2: Santo André | Vila Nova de Milfontes (52 km / 32 mi)
This is a day to purify your soul thanks to the overwhelming views over the Atlantic Ocean.
You´ll ride until Sines, where you´ll have the opportunity to mesmerize the Castle of Sines and the Sines quay, and a few kms later, the São Torpes beach, one of the best for surfing to be found along the entire extent of the Portuguese coastline, with a number of schools available for those wishing to learn this sport.
Enjoy your ride as you approach the coastline and Porto Covo, a picturesque fishermen’s village.
Your day will end in the picturesque village of Vila Nova de Milfontes, a pleasant town situated at the mouth of the River Mira.
Overnight in Vila Nova de Milfontes.

Day 04 - Cycling Route 3: Vila Nova de Milfontes | Rogil (56 km / 35 mi)
This day you'll ride in the Historical Way and you will be passing several highlights during the day, such as Longueira and the Village of Almograve. The beach is right by the peaceful town of Almograve, perfect for an unhurried, late afternoon stroll.
To the south, lies the Sardão Cape, an untouched environment of great natural beauty offering up stunning views out over the jagged coastline and many inaccessible beaches.
Your journey continues with idyllic but cliffy sceneries until you´ll get to Zambujeira do Mar, a small fishing village where it is still possible to enjoy a feeling of great peace and tranquillity. A cozy and beautiful beach it's one of their main attractions.
Before ending your pedal you´ll still have a chance to cross the beach of Carvalhal and Odeceixe Village until arriving at the village of Rogil.
Overnight in Rogil.

Day 05 - Cycling Route 4: Rogil Loop (29 km / 18 mi)
Ride your bicycle in a loop that starts from your accommodation and that will cross the Odeceixe Village and the beautiful Odeceixe beach, popular among surfers thanks to its sizeable waves, located at the mouth of the Seixe River on the border between the Algarve and Alentejo regions.
Close to the end of this riding day, opportunity to visit the Museum of the Batata Doce (Sweet potato),  with its regional products related to Aljezur sweet potatoes. In this space, you will find the delicacies of the local sweetmeats and the manufacturers of the region based on the variety of the lira.
Overnight in Rogil.

Day 06 -Cycling Route 5: Rogil | Vila do Bispo (51 km / 32 mi)
A great day of riding in the Rota Vicentina that combines very different landscapes: the mountains in the interior and the cliffs and the wild beaches when you reach the Atlantic Ocean.
Pedal through several highlights that will mesmerize your memory such as the beach of Amoreira, the village of Aljezur, the villages of Bordeira and the beach of Amado, at Carrapateira.
You´ll arrive at Vila do Bispo with a feeling of adventure when discovering virgin beaches, rich culture, and cuisine that serves the best the sea has.
Overnight in Vila do Bispo.

Day 07 - Cycling Route 6: Loop Sagres (37 km / 23 mi)
Cycle until Cordoama beach where the cliffs are tall, reaching over 100 meters in height and there is a hill that is not only a natural viewpoint but is also often used by paragliders as a take-off site.
The journey of today will take you to Sagres, the most westerly town of the Algarve and is a destination for visitors who appreciate nature's raw beauty.
Five kilometers away from Sagres, lies Europe’s southwesternmost point: Cape St. Vincent (Cabo de São Vicente), the last piece of home Portuguese sailors once looked at as they launched away into the unknown. A2Z invites you to explore this mystique barren headland spot.
Overnight in Vila do Bispo.

Day 08 - Departure
Private Transfer from Vila do Bispo to Faro or Lisboa Airport (optional).
End of services.

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