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Visits and tasting of spirit drinks

After several years working in the fields of tourism, community development and social entrepreneurship, in often challenging environments in Africa and Latin America, Afonso and Marieke decided to establish a permanent base in Portugal, in a place where they could contribute to the local development and the promotion of traditional heritage.

Because of its natural beauty, absolutely stunning and practically untouched, the coast of Southwest Alentejo, became an obvious choice. But it was only after a careful analysis of the investment opportunities in the region that we realised there was a need to revive a product with millenarian traditions and of an absolutely incomparable quality – the medronho brandy!

The name Junior Jacques is the result of a heartfelt homage to our grandparents, Albano Pereira Júnior and Jacques Joaquim Guedes. It was from them that we inherited, on one hand, a taste for the art of alchemy and, on the other hand, a taste for the art of well-being, companionship and friendship. These are the fundamental foundations of Junior Jacques. These are the qualities and core values which are present in each and every one of our bottles. These are the fundamental foundations These are the qualities and core values which are present in each and every one of our bottles


S. Miguel





Principales activités

Medronho brandy tastings
Thematic lunchs
Thematic dinners

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Toute l'année

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Afonso Pereira
Sobral, S. Miguel
7630-592 S. Teotónio
M: (+351) 925 552 014 | (+351) 914 700 127
GPS: 37°26'32.3"N, 8°44'57.5"W

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