Bike Station

Colos and Amoreiras-Gare bike stations

The Colos Nucleus has a sub-core in the village of Amoreiras-Gare, the land of the famous alcôncoras, a traditional olive oil and honey biscuit! In Colos there is a service station next to the football pitch. Here, it is the possible to wash and maintain bikes, do small repairs, adjustments and pumping up tyres. In the historical centre of the village, you can find more information about the network on the information panel. In Amoreiras-Gare, next to the train station, there is also an information panel and a bike station that allows you to prepare or tune your bike for the journey. All MTB trails are available for download for those who want to follow them with their GPS. Photo


Como Chegar

37°44'01.1"N 8°27'46.4"W

Bike station in Colos:
37°44'01.0"N 8°27'33.6"W

Amoreiras-Gare Bike Station: 37°41'26.3"N 8°24'49.6"W

Amoreiras-Gare information panel: 37°41'22.9"N 8°24'51.4"W


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