Pão do Rogil


If there is a place where you’ll have to stop by during a walk or when arriving or departing from the Vicentina Coast, then it is Pão do Rogil, in the village of Rogil, of course.
Operating since 1965, when wheat was grounded at the Rogil windmill and the flour sieved directly into the bakery to create the famous soft crumb bread with a crunchy crust, 50 years have passed and the taste which comes from family tradition and knowledge still remains even though it is now aligned with modernity. Carob bread, oats, rye or sweet potatoes with walnuts or figs, a full line of olive oil and Aljezur sweet potato biscuits, tarts, scones, all handmade in a wood oven with special care in terms of image and presentation.

But it's not just the bakery and confectioners that make the difference. If you are looking for a light meal before enjoying a home-made dessert, you'll find burgers, sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, soups and pasta, always with a vegetarian option.
With an ample terrace and children's area, this is a place of conviviality between locals and travelers, with a modern ambience and memories of the past. Stop here, for a light meal, a traditional flavor or simply to take away with you something with a typical flavour of the Vicentina Coast with the signature of the family Claro, owner of the neighbouring partner accommodation Alcatruz Hotel.

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