E vá Balho!

Unter Casa do Povo de Santa Clara-a-Velha / Grupo Etnográfico Gente do Alto Mira / Junta de Freguesia de Sabóia
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Rua Gago Coutinho
7665, Sabóia

37.493767124328585, -8.497702291373882
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Datum und Uhrzeit
01 Apr, 2023
17:30:00h - 23:00:00h
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E vá Balho!

Around the hills of Odemira´s countryside, whenever people felt for singing and dancing, someone would say “E vá Balho!” and the party would get started.

Inspired by the Ethnographic Group Gente do Ato Mira, 4 musicians and two dancers recreate the “Balho” party to celebrate the richness of traditional portuguese music and dance.

We will start with an open class to the whole community, where we will get familiar with traditional instruments, learn how to sing and dance, but also learn more about the history, influences and social background of our traditions.

By the hand of the Ethnographic Group Gente do Alto Mira, we will go on a journey which will take us from Alentejo to other portuguese regions, discovering our country through its songs and dances.

Once we have learned the lesson, the party will go on with an animated concert where traditions from north to south of Portugal will merge into the magic of traditional instruments and the joy of dancing our culture together!

It will be offered the traditional stew (bring a plate and cutlery) and there are more options in the village to have dinner!

Open Class: 17:30-19:30
Dance: 21:00-23:00

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