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The Vicentino vineyards are located in the Natural Park of the Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina, the first planted in 2007. There are about 59 hectares that benefit from this unique ecosystem.

The proximity of the sea, combined with cool, humid winters and mild summers, with the constant presence of sea winds, favor the slow and balanced ripening of the grapes.

This freshness and humidity of the Atlantic - which also refreshes along the entire Fishermen's Trail - in addition to the frequent presence of fog, an essential ingredient for the ripening of the grapes, indelibly mark Vicentino wines, where elegance overlaps robustness.

The Vicentino project is a tribute to this unique region of Portugal, the cradle of these fresh and exceptional wines.








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Vicentino Wines
Herdade do Brejo Redondo
Brejão, S.Teotónio
T: (+351) 282 940 000
F: (+351) 282 947 213
M: (+351) 914 549 870
GPS: 37°27'54.8"N, 8°45'54.9"W



This is a visitable space with the possibility of scheduling some activities, namely, visiting the vineyards, vegetable gardens or rural tourism of Herdade Frupor, owner of Vicentino wines. There is a shop, with all the Vicentino wines and also the vegetables produced here.

Visits to the Vineyard / Herdade Frupor
With a commitment based on responsibility and sustainability, here man and nature come together, through agriculture. Come and go behind the scenes of what happens here.
The options are several, from the guided visit to the vineyards or a wider visit to visit Herdade da Frupor, where Chinese cabbage, carrots and ornamental plants are grown. If the greatest interest is wines, then come and find out what makes this place so special and get to know the different varieties planted. After getting to know the territory, it is time to taste Vicentino wines.
Price of the guided tour: €12/person

Wine tasting
Tasting the different ranges of wines (West, Naked, Nascente, Neblina and Luar) or choose the wines with your favorite varieties or discover the wines that interest you most.
Price of wine tasting: from €7.50/person

All Vicentino wines are available for purchase at the store. For those who go to the beach, you can buy wines ready to be served fresh in glasses designed for this purpose. Depending on the season, vegetables from the garden are also available.
Prices: each bottle from €6.50

Rural tourism
Herdade Frupor has a touristic offer in one of the most beautiful places on the Alentejo Coast, offering sumptuous views over the vineyards and the Atlantic Ocean. This is a place where stress fades and returns to a world of simplicity and relaxation. The accommodation offer includes 2 houses (Casa da Vinha and Cerro da Vinha) and rooms for rent at Casa da Palmeira.
Prices: ask for a quotation

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