Mindful Walking

Unter Stress Free Zone

• Walking Meditation
• Guided Meditation
• Breathing Exercises
• Awareness Training
• Flower Therapy, Terra Luz.a (from Alentejo)

A workshop guided by Anne Rasquin from Stress Free Zone, a psycho-body professional therapist with more than 20 years experience. Gathering body exercises as auto-massage, lowering stress meditation, breathing technics and walking meditation as an instrument of changing/opening the conscience of the Human Being.


Cercal do Alentejo

Vila Nova de Milfontes






< 1 Day

2,5h hike from 20€/pax (min.: 100€) 3h hike from 30€/pax (min:.150€)





Min. 4 pax max. 15 pax




Option 1: 2,5h to 3h
Walk to Circular Route near Porto das Barcas, Vila Nova de Milfontes

By walking this loop you will do group exercises: auto-massage and you will learn breathing techniques.

On the way, there is time for a small break for water, rest and a meditation circle. You will continue walking in silence with breathing patterns.

This walk ends on a circle as a group with time for Q&A (questions/answers).

Option 2: 3 - 4,5h
Walk The Senhora das Neves Circular Route.

Meeting point: Ribeira do Sissal or from Vila Nova Milfontes in a shared transport.

During the walk, you will do some group exercise like auto-massage, breathing techniques and sound exercises with mantras and vibrational therapy. You will walk on the trail in silence (not talking unnecessary) and humming/singing the mantra with breathing patterns.

Ther will be a break for water, picnic and a meditation circle.

Finally, a representation of one Flower of the season of  Terra Luz.a flower therapy made in Alentejo, vibrational therapy.

Ending Trail. You will end in the circle as a group. Time for Q&A (questions/answers)

For any of the options: bring walking shoes, sun hut, water and snack.

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