Maintenance walk of Lapa das Pombas » Cabo Sardão

Unter Rota Vicentina
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Cabo Sardão

37°35'52.7"N 8°48'57.2"W
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Datum und Uhrzeit
27 Mrz, 2023
10:00:00h - 14:00:00h
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Maintenance walk of Lapa das Pombas » Cabo Sardão (Fishermen’s Trail), with Caretakers Teresa Nogueira e Augusto

Walking Trails require permanent attention and those on Rota Vicentina are lucky to be cared by very special people. On this part of Fisherman’s Trail Lapa das Pombas » Cabo Sardão, we will go with the caretakers to review and maintain the trail.
Along this walk, we will refresh the marks, cut the vegetation that is hiding the signs or blocking the passage, these are some of the necessary interventions.
For this activity, you will need to bring comfortable clothes and shoes to walk 8 km. It is also essential to bring water, snack for lunch, work gloves, a hat and a bag to collect garbage that we may find.
In case of bad weather (eg. rain, which does not allow paintings), the walk is postponed.

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