Táxi Boat Maresia

Vila Nova de Milfontes

Beginning of activity prior to the existence of the Milfontes Bridge, already in the 70's of the 20th century, Mr. Manuel - father of the current owner - was crossing the Mira River carrying people, animals, vehicles and/or goods, whether summer or winter. After the bridge was built in 1974, the regular boat crossing continued, and around 1990 when Mr. Manuel withdrew, his daughter Sao took charge of the business.

The Taxi Boat Maresia offer its passengers a simple and relax way of service: the crossing between banks of the Mira River (Vila Nova de Milfontes » Furnas Beach and vice versa).

They can also transport severeal bikes, so if you're alone or with a group of friend enjoying a bike ride in the area, you can also cross the river with your bike. They also organise programmes that can range from a simple hike up the river, to themed birthday or picnic trips, to long walks with a tour guide and involving other recreational activities.





Moyens de paiement
Heures d'ouverture
8h30 - 19h00 The timetable may change.
Période de vacances
December and January
Maria da Conceição
M: (+351) 964 200 944

GPS: 37°43'20.9"N 8°46'56.0"W
Jour de repos
Not applied
Offre disponible
Regular taxi boat transfer between Vila Nova de Milfontes and Furnas Beach (and the other way around)
Adaptés aux vélo


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Mira River crossig between north and south shores:

River Crossing:
5€ adult (12 or more years old)
3€ kids (2-11 years old)

River Crossing both ways :
7€ adult (12 or more years old)
4€ kids (2-11 years old)

10% discount for groups of 6 or more people.


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