Touro Azul ~ Terra Crua

Par CACO – Associação de Artesãos do Concelho de Odemira

• Visit of 5 different examples of construction in rammed earth
• Lunch in a Portuguese tavern (only in the morning program)

A walk on rammed earth - an ancient method of construction from the earth with clay. They are houses that adapt to the climate and, just as they are born from the land, they also return to the land at the end of their life, leaving no trace. Everything that composed these houses is completely absorbed by the earth, dissolving into the landscape.

Let's go through 5 very different examples of construction in mud: dwelling houses, an ancient wall, a car museum and a rural tourism establishment.










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A unique tour, designed with the eye of a rammed earth specialist, an architect who will take us to discover various constructions, from mud ruins to its contemporary construction. The regeneration of this mode of construction is due to a group of Portuguese architects who have been involved in this territory since the 1980s, with ancient techniques to produce natural and current architecture.

It starts in São Teotónio to observe a wall from 1912 that was once a warehouse. Then the visit goes to rural tourism, all built on raw earth.

In Arrifoias, there will be the possibility to visit some rural houses belonging to a farmer who practices permaculture.

The journey continues to a hill in Pederneiras, an example of a new construction added to an older construction, a distinct example of a curious junction between contemporary and centuries-old rammed earth.

Right after lunch in the Juncal Valley, in a typical restaurant, the tour ends in a family home with a small and peculiar car museum.

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