Cocaria with wine tasting

Par Herdade do Cebolal

• Regenerative and organic agriculture
• Family and local project
• Development of the circular economy
• Wine tasting with the producer and oenologist at Herdade do Cebolal
• Traditional gastronomy

Recreation of a traditional meal of rural workers, over a slow fire and with organic products from the Herdade. In this activity, there is also the opportunity to learn about the agricultural practices developed at the Herdade, passing by the Adega for a tasting of regional wines and snacks and ending with the traditional lunch according to the local cuisine and using seasonal products produced in the Herdade and in the region.


Santiago do Cacém

Vale Seco





< 1 Day





Pas d'exercice physique associé

Personnes par groupe

Min. 5 people Max. 30 people


Gastronomic experience "cocaria" where the rural environment of the workers is recreated, who brought a small pan with the possible ingredients  (that they wanted or could bring) with meats, vegetables and that formed a stream of small pots that were cooked in a slow fire under a holm oak and to the responsibility of a single woman that with care and attention was revolving the contents of each piece in order to cook evenly. Here everything is recreated in the image of what has been done for a long time and using biological products from the garden of this farm. You will also taste some of the wines from the 23 hectares of vineyards, red, white or rosé, with a lot of quality and distinct flavor.

At Herdade do Cebolal, innovation is constant, as well as concern for the surrounding environment. Everything is thought about the optimization of resources and the sustainability of the territory. About this, a small explanation is made at the time of reception on arrival at the Farm. The visit takes place through the vineyard, cellar, with several tastings in the room overlooking the stunning surrounding vineyard and then the time for the cocaria tasting, which in its slow cooking time, should already be ready to serve.

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