Costa Alentejana Deluxe

Par Portugal Reiseprofi

• Historical Way
• Fishermen's Trail
• High quality accommodations
• Tailor-made adjustments of tour are possible
• Transfer to starting points of hiking sections, luggage transfers, lunch packages and dinners included
• Innumerable recommendations of beaches, restaurants, sights, activities, etc

The Sw Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park counts as the best conserved protected coastal area in Europe. The Rota Vicentina trails are embedded within this section of Portugal's Atlantic coast leading from Santiago do Cacém to Sagres.

On a pre-designed Rota Vicentina hiking this program includes five hiking days within an eleven day trip. Three sections of the Fishermen's Trail, one section of the Historical Way and one connection section from Cercal do Alentejo to Porto Covo.

The other days of this program are hiking-free. For these days you will be provided with several recommendations from additional sport/hiking activities to sight-seeing.

The program can also be adapted to your wishes and needs. On one side the hiking trip itself can be customized or combined i.e. a roundtrip in other parts of Portugal.



Cercal do Alentejo



Porto Covo


Vila Nova de Milfontes

Zambujeira do Mar






> 7 Days





Comprend une activité avec des exercices physiques modérés à intensifs

Personnes par groupe

Mín. 1 pax máx. 16 pax

Animaux de compagnie acceptés



Day 1: Arrival to Porto Covo
The program starts in Porto Covo after coming by train from i. e. Lisbon. You will be picked up by car from the train station and brought to the first accommodation where you will have dinner in the evening.
Accommodation: Três Marias

Day 2:  Cercal do Alentejo to Porto Covo (18 km)
The first section of the tour is from Cercal do Alentejo to Porto Covo which is a connection between the Fishermen`s Trail and the Historical Way. When in Porto Covo you may relax at the wonderful beaches of Porto Covo before the transfer to your accommodation.
Accommodation: Três Marias

Day 3:  Porto Covo to Vila Nova de Milfontes (20 km - coastal walk)
Starting in Porto Covo and hiking on the Fishermen`s Trail to Vila Nova de Milfontes. You will pass the Pessegueiro beach with an option to relax by the sea or have lunch in recommended restaurants. The luggage will be transferred to your next accommodation in Vila Nova de Milfontes.
Accommodation: Casa do Adro da Igreja

Day 4: Hiking-free day
On hiking-free days you will have plenty of recommendations like additional hiking tours or visiting places like the beautiful town of Vila Nova de Milfontes. If you like to go to the beach we recommend several beaches around Vila Nova de Milfontes before staying a second night in Vila Nova de Milfontes.
Accommodation: Casa do Adro da Igreja

Day 5: Almograve to Vila Nova de Milfontes (15 km - costal walk)
The day starts with one of the car transfers provided to the starting point of the section from Almograve to Vila Nova de Milfontes where you will also pass the famous Furnas Beach which was elected to one of the best beaches all over Portugal in 2012. After returning to Vila Nova de Milfontes (optionally by boat) you will be brought to your accommodation in S. Luís where you will have dinner.
Accommodation: Naturarte Campo

Day 6: Hiking-free day
On this hiking-free day you again will have multiple options for different activities like additional hikes (i. e. a 5 km circular route S. Luís Gardens), bicycle rides, boat trips on the river Mira and horse rides or you simply relax at the pool of your accommodation.
Accommodation: Naturarte Campo

Day 7: S. Luís to Odemira (25 km)
This will be the longest hike within the program but each stage can be extended or shortened on request. Along the trail you will pass the Pego das Pias lake which is a nice place for having a rest. After reaching Odemira you will check-in at your next accommodation and have a dinner.
Accommodation: Quinta do Chocalinho

Day 8: Hiking-free day
On this hiking-free day we propose to visit the city of Odemira which is famous for craftswork and i. e. its chocolate factory. Or visit the cape of Sardão, the only place on earth where storks nest in cliffs.
Accommodation: Quinta do Chocalinho

Day 9: Zambujeira do Mar to Odeceixe (18 km)
This hiking stage is one of the most beautiful ones of the Rota Vicentina. You will pass lots of amazing cliffs and beaches like the beach of Odeceixe. For the last two nights you will stay in Brejão by having dinner on the first evening.
Accommodation: Casa da Seiceira

Day 10: Hiking-free day
Choose again from several proposals how to enjoy the hiking-free day: going to the wonderful beaches or visiting Odeceixe are some of our recommendations.
Accommodation: Casa da Seiceira

Day 11: End of program - train ride to Lisbon or Faro
The owner of your last accommodation will bring you to the train station where you will leave the Alentejo coast and go back to Lisbon or Faro. Optionally the program/trip can be extended by staying in Lisbon or at the Algarve.

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