Il Mestiere di Viaggiare


The Il Mestiere di Viaggiare it's an italian tour operator, based in the very center of Italy and specialized in medium and long distance tours, on foot or bike in several European countries, including Portugal.

Awarded with the "Italian Responsable Tourism" prize and the "UNESCO Culture Tourism" award, they now organize active holidays, both in the Historical Way and the Fishermen's Trail, on Rota Vicentina.

Programs have cultural and environmental awareness, based on responsible enjoyment of the territories foreseing the history and culture, generous food processed with local products and culinary tradition.

The long experience with Camino Santiago, Cammino di Francesco and Via Francigene will be certainly enought reason to garante an excelent experience in Portuguese territory.





Période de vacances
Walking MTB Self-Guided Tours Guided Tours Tailored Tours
Heures d'ouverture
Monday to Friday:9AM – 7PM (Office) 24/7 (phone)  
Moyens de paiement
Grupo mínimo e máximo
Minimum – 1 pax
Maximum - 20 people 
Où sommes-nous ?
Rieti, Italy
Salvatore Accardi
Il Mistierie Di Viaggiare (MV Tours)
Viale dei Flavi, 20/a
Rieti - Italy
P: (+39) 074 627 15 85
M: (+39) 39 393 922 91 18

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Walk along the Ocean, part 1

Porto Covo - Odeceixe (Fishermen’s Trail). Combine with part 2 or with the Historical Way. Walk in either direction. From €350

Walk along the Ocean, part 2

Odeceixe - Cabo São Vicente (Rota Vicentina, southern section). Combine with part 1 or “Walk the Historical Way”. Walk in either direction. From € 420

Walk the Historical Way

Santiago do Cacém - Odeceixe (Rota Vicentina, northern section). Combine with “Walk along the Ocean” part 1 or 2. Walk in either direction. From € 490


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