Pastelaria Baú Doce

Pastelaria Baú Doce selo

Pastelaria Baú Doce

Cercal do Alentejo

In Cercal do Alentejo you will find the traditional Baú Doce pastry. Here you can discover the sweetest treasures of this region, made by this family since 1974. The basic criterion is simple: to offer what they know best. The daily in house fabric presents a huge variety where the difficult part is to choose what to taste!
Some examples of the creativity of Baú Doce: Sweet Potato “Merendeiras”, “Sogras” with curd cheese and gila filling, “Cercalinhos” made with cream, sweet potatoes and almonds, “Baúzinhos” with almond and gila flour, “Jeitosos”  with puff pastry, cream and almond and the “Bugalhos” with chocolate, sweet of eggs and coconut.

Coming from the regional recipe book: the traditional “sericaia”, the Torresmos Cakes with bread dough, sugar and cinnamon, the “Alentejanos” with puff pastry and filling of gila, are some of the examples. Of daily in house production are also the tomato, pumpkin, fig and gila jams. There are also savouries such as the typical glazed olives with their own seasoning with oregano, and the red chilli gravy is excellent for steaming and roasting.
Here the invitation is to rest, recovery of strength and relief for the soul by reading one of the many books available in the small library. When you leave, in addition to the snacks that you can take for the next day in a little traditional bag called “talêguinho” you may also find a small display of traditional items, perfect for souvenirs.

  • i017Cuisine
  • Traditional

  • i045 Prix ​​moyen par personne
  • Breakfast menu: 6€
    Picnic bag: 5€

  • i019Jour de repos
  • Wednesday

  • i033Langue
  • Portuguese, English

  • i026Heures d'ouverture
  • 8 AM till 7 PM

  • i010 Période de vacances:
  • May

  • i012Capacité:
  • 30 inside, 16 outside

  • i066Suppléments:
  • Take-away

  • i036Moyens de paiement
  • Cash

  • i016Contacts
  • Helena Melo
    Largo dos Caeiros, 71
    Cercal do Alentejo
    T: (+351) 269 904 116
    M: (+351) 964 261 055
    GPS: 37°48’01.8″N, 8°40’20.7″W

  • i022Entrées:
  • Savouries, patties, salt cod fritters, ham and cheese, chicken pies, ham and cheese puddings: from 1 € to 5 €

  • i008Boissons:
  • Natural orange juice and other fruits: 2.30 €
    Teas: 2 €

  • i025Spécialités:
  • Toasted bread, burger in bread, economic menu option (soup, savoury, glass of juice –
    not soda), Brás cod fish, pork steak, omolets, fresh salads (chicken, tuna or sea food) and soup of the day: from 2.50 € and 7 €

  • i067Desserts
  • Traditional regional and other Portuguese pastry: from 1 € to 1.50 €

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