Meia Água ~Touro Azul

Par CACO – Associação de Artesãos do Concelho de Odemira

• Sailor warehouse
• Visit to the Lighthouse
• Cliff Walk
• Local products (fresh cheese, honey ...)

This tour shows the unique identity of Sagres – a place considered mythical and sacred from prehistoric times to the present day.
A sea elder reveals his knowledge to the travellers by giving a lesson on the art of sailing and fishing in his warehouse where he still keeps everything.
A visit to the lighthouse that has the third largest optic in the world dating back to 1908 will be followed by a walk through the breathtaking landscape that composes this most southwestern point of continental Europe.







From 110€





Comprend une certaine activité avec des exercices physiques légers

Animaux de compagnie acceptés



A former sailor, fisherman and fishing master teaches the group the art of fishing in the old days while showing his fishing tools and his boat that he still keeps, in the hope of passing it on to someone younger.
The group follows to visit the lighthouse of São Vicente, where information about the lighthouse keepers, whose life is to work on this southwestern tip of Europe and other Portuguese lighthouses, will be shared.
The group moves on to meet Carla, a woman who grew up in Sagres, and takes the group on a sensory walk through the untamed, raw and mysterious landscape of this mythical region. Carla dedicates her life to showing, preserving and valuing these shores, transmitting to people the knowledge she has and the love she nurtures for Sagres.
The walk ends at her mother’s cafe where there is an opportunity to chat more with these two women. They serve bread with homemade goat cheese and fresh herbal tea picked in the garden behind the house.
It is also possible to bring home a souvenir from Sagres created by Esmeralda, a local knitting and sewing veteran who uses local sea stones for her work

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