Touro Azul ~ Ir à maré

Par CACO – Associação de Artesãos do Concelho de Odemira

• Barefoot walking along the beach and rocks (optional shoes and swimsuits and comfortable clothing)
• Snack in an old village house

A journey into the history and identity of Monte Clérigo, revealed through the stories of families about earlier times while enjoying the nature.

A stroll to take a breath, take time and contemplate while walking barefoot and remembering the childlike sense of wonder evoked by the countless pools, natural ponds and the microcosm of the underwater world that the tide leaves behind when descending. On return, a small snack is served in an old house, where simplicity and love are always present.







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Comprend une certaine activité avec des exercices physiques légers

Personnes par groupe

Max. 8 people

Animaux de compagnie acceptés



The meeting point is near the old community centre “O Sargo”, which was built by the local people. From here, the group walks down towards a beach in silence. The names of the stones and rocks come up and their stories are revealed. Next to the water and several houses, we learn about the origins of the first dwellings and the first people of this place by the sea. Afterwards, the walk continues towards natural pools offering an opportunity to go for a swim.

We learn about the tides and marine life, exploring the microcosm and the immense biodiversity that the tides reveal. We visit the natural pool, where local people used to learn to swim, as well as other emblematic places that have played a role in the social life of this community.

After returning to the village, the group takes the stairs leading to Calazans house – the second building set up on this beach, almost 80 years ago. It seems, the time has stopped here, as it is possible to enter and breathe the love that several generations have had for Monte Clérigo.

At the top of the cliff, a snack is served in a kitchen facing the sea. This is the moment to share stories, old photographs, songs or simply the silence surrounded by the beauty of the spectacle of nature.

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