Training about Native and Invasive Plants, Walking Trails and Maintenance

To all Rota Vicentina’s Caretakers

Next November 11th we will hold the first Training for Caretakers, about Native and Invasive Plants and Walking Trails and Maintenance.

Both themes will be addressed throughout the day, both with a theoretical and a practical component, only in Portuguese. The theoretical session will take place at the Junta de Freguesia of Vila Nova de Milfontes, starting at 10 a.m., and the practical session on Walking Trails and Invasive Plants Control Techniques will be on the Circular Route of the Mediterranean Ponds (north of Vila Nova de Milfontes), starting after lunch and extending until around 16:30h.

If you want to find out how you can help us more in maintenance our trails sign up! We count on you!

Information: registrations are limited and the program may change in order to comply with the health and safety measures imposed at the time of its realization.

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