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Portugal Heritage Tours, based in Alvito - Alentejo, specializes in the organization of Cultural, Natural and Gastronomic Tourism programs with a special focus on unknown and often inaccessible heritage.

PHT offers all the culture of the Alentejo Litoral territory: visits to unknown and usually closed heritage, cultural craft workshops, performances of traditions, agricultural activities, always with the people of this region by company and always around the Circular Routes of the Rota Vicentina .

Called the Rota Vicentina Natural Program, they are programs lasting 5 to 7 days, always accompanied by an interpreter of the Portugal Heritage Tours heritage and with nights in charismatic accommodation in this region.

In this program you will visit from a windmill built in 1874 and still in operation, you will also participate in agricultural workshops or embroidered egg workshops, among other options that will be presented throughout the days of activity.





Période de vacances
Autonomy tours Guided tours Nature Tailored tours Heritage & Culture For families
Heures d'ouverture
Monday to Friday - 9AM - 6PM (office and phone)
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Debit cards, bank transfer, PayPal
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Min. 4 pax
Max. 8 pax
Où sommes-nous ?
Vila Nova da Baronia - Rua 5 de Outubro, 20 - Alvito
Lisbon - Rua de Campo de Ourique, 171
Rua 5 de Outubro, 20
Vila Nova da Baronia - Alvito, Beja - PORTUGAL
P: (+351) 911 158 698, (+351) 938 354 641
GPS: 38°17'23.7"N, 8°02'12.7"W
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For 2020 there are some dates for the "Natural Rota Vicentina" tour:
February,3rd - 7 days
February.21st - 5 days
April.30th - 7 days
May.21st - 5 dias
October.06th - 7 days
November.25th - 5 days

Natural Rota Vicentina tour - 5 days, 210km
Discovering the Alentejo and Vicentine Coast, the best preserved coastal area in southern Europe, between landscapes, walking trails, seas, cliffs, heritage, customs and people: a universe of authentic nature and culture. A travel through the territory in the area of ​​Vila Nova de Milfontes, S. Luís, Odemira and Santa Clara-a-Velha. Includes: meals, accommodation, walking tours, guided tours, cultural workshops, performance of traditions, transportation throughout the program. Price: 1.540€/pax


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