Canoeing or kayak down the river Mira is an experience not to be missed for those who are visiting the Sw of Portugal. Ecotrails invites you to come and visit the tranquil waters of the Mira, experience its biodiversity and discover the different scenarios that vary according to the tides.

From the mouth of its river in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Odemira or Casa Branca, an old wheat shipment wharf, alone or with a group of friends, there are various options which guarantee an enriching experience.

For the more adventurous there’s the possibility to establish the connection between the Fisherman’s Trail, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, and the Historical Way, in Odemira by canoe or kayak.

Among the various landscapes that the tides provide, you will discover a number of different animal habitats, from crabs to sea birds. At sunset stick around the thick reed beds and watch the unique concert of dozens of birds that find refuge there.

Most experiences are for all ages and even the little ones can participate. Children up to 15 years only pay half the price.Thecanoes are light and easy to ride and have a capacity of 2 or 4 people.

Paddles and life jackets are part of the equipment, such as waterproof bags, inflatable cushions and lanterns for canoeing in the moonlight. For bigger groups we suggest a guided tour with a lifeboat.




Vila Nova de Milfontes







Principales activités

Aluguer de canoas e caiaques
Passeios guiados de canoa

Période recommandée




Minimum de personnes par groupe
Minimum 2 pax
Moyens de paiement

Cash or money transfer


Anke Ruschhaupt
Castelão Ap 2311
7630-436 S. Luís, Odemira
M: (+351) 967 155 383
GPS: 37.7231161W, -8.782444199999986N

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Odemira up and down stream - from 15€/pax (discount from 10 pax)

Casa Branca » Odemira - 4pax 120€ | 6pax 150€

Vila Nova de Milfontes » Casa Branca - 4pax 120€ | 6pax 150€


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