Circular routes

Haven’t you made your debut on Rota Vicentina? Start here.

These are short routes, with their beginnings circling back to their end points. These routes are an even easier way to discover the pleasure of hiking the SW of Portugal as they are short half a day or less hikes, without transfers or complications.

Your choice now has 24 routes, between Santiago do Cacém and Lagos, which complement and enrich the classics of the custom: Historical Way and Fishermen’s Trail.

24 Circular Routes are available in a total of 263 km.



263 km in circular paths, starting and ending in the same place

24 half-day walking tours with a maximum of 16 km

Intuitive signage to make the entire journey in autonomy, both ways

Accommodation and other services along the entire route. Study the interactive map

If you’re a cyclist please check our netowrk of MTB trails in the Cycling Trials page, and always pay attention to hikers.

Avoid doing interior routes by bike or jeep. Study alternatives

The movement of vehicles in the dunes is prohibited

Difficulty level: see each course.

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