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If what you are looking for is the support of specialized companies to help you prepare your visit to Rota Vicentina, you are in the right place.

On this page you can find the Rota Vicentina Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. These are specialist companies in organizing holidays and preparing all the details so the only thing you have to worry only about is enjoying the trip. Learn more about each partner in this area.

Visit the Rota Vicentina Program area and get to know the holiday proposals in Rota Vicentina created in conjunction with these companies.

Good hiking!


Founded in 1987, it is a full Travel Service Agency with vast experience in the organization and escorting of both groups and individuals, representing several tour operators specialized in Portugal. With an extensive knowledge of the Portuguese touristic market, it offers unique experiences and a diversity of services to visitors. Learn more about our people, history, culture and gastronomy.

Earth Tracks

Earth Tracks is a Dutch travel agency that offers small scale walking and hiking holidays along the lesser known trails of Europe, including the beautiful Rota Vicentina. They offer self-guided, guided and tailor-made tours, for individuals and groups, to experience the wonderful nature and rich culture of wonderful destinations.

Domitur Travel

Fully licensed DMC since 1988, operates in mainland Portugal, Madeira and Azores islands.The Nature and Culture department of this Travel Agency offers several adventure, walking and cycling holidays all over Portugal, now also including the Rota Vicentina.

Aarts Wandelreizen

Aarts Wandelreizen it’s a Dutch Travel Agency, specialized in the organization of walking holidays for groups and individuals in unique places in Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Greece. Rota Vicentina is one of the chosen destinations.

White Flower Tours

Portuguese tourism company created in 2019 and specialized in Cultural and Landscape Touring. In pedestrian walks, they present the local people and customs, through the craftsmen and the know-how. The Alentejo region is the area chosen to boost these walks.

Zeppelin l’altro Viaggiare

Since 1998 organizes the “other outdoor travels” worldwide for the italian market, including Portugal and Rota Vicentina. They offer the Zeppelin style hiking and discovery tours for individual, groups and also taylor made.

Sento Wanderreisen

Sento Wanderreisen offers small group and invidual trips in Alentejo. Hiking trips includes nature, culture and culinary, in a great mixture to explore the region. It is possible to combine Alentejo with Lisbon. They offer hiking tours also in Italy, the Alps, Slovenia, Slowakia, Greece, Ireland, Iceland and more.

Trekking Découvertes

Trekking Découvertes brings together a community of trekking, hiking, travel, adventure, outdoor and bushcraft lovers. The offer extends to walking programs in Catalonia, the Canary Islands, Slovakia, the Camino de Santiago and now the Rota Vicentina.


Specialist in independent walking, with 35 years of experience, they operate in 100 destinations scattered through 18 European countries. The Rota Vicentina is now on the list of the walking trips of this Dutch company, for whom walking is the perfect way to simply forget all worries and live an authentic experience.


Sunvil is a specialist tour operator in the truest sense. They love the country; its scenery, gastronomy and people, and have been around since 1984. Self-guided walking holidays can be arranged as well as holidays which combine the Rota Vicentina with a stay in Lisbon.

sunvil.co.uk | Reino Unido

Trekkilandia – viaggi trekking

This is a network of hiking and walking independent and autonomus guides that work under a single brand: Trekkilandia. They lead tours with their own style, been each one of them very different from the other. All over the world and now in Portugal, there are more than 50 programs to choose from.

Chemins de France

Chemins de France are experts of self-guided hiking in France and Europe for more than 20 years. They have hundreds of programs featured on their website, including several St James ways, several other in France, but also in Italy, Spain, Crete, Roménia and now also in Rota Vicentina, Portugal.

Legendary Adventure

Legendary Adventure is a DMC specialized in sustainable walking, cycling, birdwatching, cultural & nature holidays in Portugal. Their portfolio includes small group tours and self-guided trips, as well as bespoke tours. All are carefully crafted and screened for responsible tourism, which means supporting local communities, small businesses, and natural resources.

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