Rota Vicentina is proud and happy to support whoever wants to enjoy this beautiful piece of land, because we strongly believe that responsible tourism can change the world, making it better for everyone.

If you believe that protecting and maintaining this pristine region – with its outstanding nature, unique culture and authentic way of living – relies on each one of us. Join us and become a true Guardian of Rota Vicentina’s sustainable ecosystem.

We invite you to go through this challenge with us.

Responsible Tourism was defined in Cape Town in 2002 alongside the World Summit on Sustainable Development: “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.”

“One of the 6 most beautiful coastal trails in the world”

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It can never be good for visiting if it’s not good to live in. And to live in this area doesn’t only mean to wake up here every morning; it also means to be responsible for it, to belong to a community that makes this place what it is today and that makes it possible to be visited in a safe and comfortable way.

Be open by sharing experiences, learn about the local way of living

Get away from the crowds on the coast by spreading along the region. The region is alive and needs to be cherished. There are amazing treasures hidden everywhere and local people will really welcome you behind the hill.

Choose activities provided by the community. You’ll be amazed on how much you would be missing otherwise!

Rota Vicentina is based on a Natural Park, and its protection is challenging. It has amazing untouched landscapes living side by side with agriculture, villages, local businesses and tourism. It takes everyone’s care and awareness to preserve this unique region.

Follow the trails. They were carefully marked not only to show you the right way, but also to protect the natural habitat of hundreds of animals and plants of the region.

Rota Vicentina is so much more then breath-taking cliffs. Take a look at the Fishermen’s Trail, but take your time in the Historical Way and the Circular Routes. Every step is a travel in time, with untouched landscapes and villages.

Leave no trace, just your grace. We work hard to keep this region unspoiled. Do your part by leaving everything as you find it, natural and beautiful. In every step, in every smile, just leave the best part of you. Learn more here.

Locals are more and more alert to the importance of protecting the environment. But we also need visitors to take this pledge. Step forward and take your place in this ecosystem!

People own the land, they make their living from it. Visitors can contribute by choosing to shop locally and preferring local products.

Get to know the endogenous products and services that support local identity and the environment

Choose the businesses that are partners of Rota Vicentina. They are investing for many years to provide you the best quality trails, besides dedicated facilities!

Choose quality over quantity. Local businesses are trying to align with the global urgency of reducing impact and levelling everyone’s conditions

6 steps towards Responsible Tourism in Rota Vicentina

1 – Travel Slower And Deeper

Align with the mindset change towards a smarter and wiser plan, by reducing the number of trips and staying longer and getting deeper into each place you visit.

Rota Vicentina is not easily accessible so take the chance to stay at least one week and relax at the local pace.

2 – Avoid The Crowds: Busiest Trails And Peak Season

Explore com consciência. O problema nunca são as pessoas a mais, mas a sua concentração em determinados locais.

A Rota Vicentina está espalhada por toda a região. São cerca de 750 km para caminhar e mais de 1000 para pedalar em BTT. Combine a maravilhosa costa com experiências rurais que não cessarão de o surpreender; não se junte às multidões de Verão mas considere visitar a região entre Novembro e Março se deseja sentir a natureza intacta à sua volta.

3 – Check On Your Providers And Their Commitment To Sustainability

Being a Rota Vicentina partner already says a lot about a company, as our partners support our global investment not only in tourism but also in sustainability tools, proper networking, quality standards, etc. But do go further by inquiring your provider about their concerns towards the environment, the local identity or the resident community and base your decision on these factors.

4 – Be A Smart & Mindfull Local-traveller

Everything counts, from your itinerary, length of your stay, activities you choose, means of transport, what you buy, what you eat, who you talk to, how you spend your money.

Before planning your trip, read RV’s tips and recommendations but also other sources of information, this will be an important part of your role while you are there. Make your trip a mindful one and you’ll get back with more than just good memories, you’ll leave a good part of you in this place.

5 – Speak Up

Let us know your feedback and contact the authorities if you see something going wrong. We need your voice to be heard and to help us achieve more public investment in the sustainability of the region.

6 – Protect Nature

The whole coastline in the region is a protected area, and we need responsible travellers to help preserve it as pristine as it is today. Wild camping or parking your campervan on the cliffs sounds wonderful, but it’s becoming a problem due to garbage and visual impact.

Respect the law and don’t stay overnight on the coast. Don’t use the cliffs as your camping site during the day and be extremely careful with your litter (sanitary or not). Stay on the marked single tracks and never pick up wildlife and natural elements: shells, rocks, flowers, fossils, etc.

6 steps towards Responsible Tourism in Rota Vicentina

5 5 - SPEAK UP

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