Ardentia ~ Touro Azul

By CACO - Associação de Artesãos do Concelho de Odemira

• Cork Factory
• Neighborhood Built in the 70s
• Oldest winery in Sines
• Municipal Archive
• Sines Arts Center

Fishing, cork, sea and land offered this territory predictable and unpredictable destinations. A tour through the evolution of Sines over time, since it was a fishing village to the city it is.



Spoken languages





< 1 Day

From 95 euros per person




Include some light physical exercise activity

Group size

Max. 8 pax

Pet friendly



The tour begins by visiting a functioning old cork factory, where the group learns about the processes of working this natural material.
We carry on to discover the huge Edifício Luz (Light Building) that immediately stands out: a large hotel built to promote tourism in the 60’s under the Portuguese dictatorship.
Next stop is the Cape Verdean Association of Sines, located in a neighbourhood built in the 1970s with the purpose of housing the many Cape Verdean fishermen who moved to Portugal during this decade.
Lunch will be served by amazing Edite in the oldest tavern of Sines which has remained the same for almost 140 years. After lunch, the journey continues with a conversation about the history of what is today an enormous industrial seaside city. A former mayor will speak about the changing times of this old fishing village.
Finally the group arrives at the City Archives located in the Sines Arts Centre. The building itself is a stunning example of contemporary architecture by the Portuguese Mateus brothers. Here the group will meet the young archivists who enthusiastically keep the documental memory of this territory.
Directly underneath the Archive’s office, the group will finish off by appreciating pieces of a contemporary art gallery.

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