Let’s walk together but apart!

New beginning, new journey, new ways of being together.

The good weather and the growing days increase that desire to spend more time outside.

It’s still early to say that we are “back to normal”, but we are on the right track. And Rota Vicentina would like to invite its godparents and locals, but also newcomers who want to join in this initiative. A different challenge.

During the confinement period the trails were without hikers and, to ensure a safe return, it is important to make sure that they are clean and well marked.

That’s why, until the 15th of June, we want to make a survey of all the places that need intervention and, for godparents, to carry out some maintenance work necessary.

We ask all locals to take the trails that are closest to them to confirm in what conditions they are and what kind of intervention they need. An important field work that with your contribution will be more effective and faster!

We believe that it is the union and love for this land that unites us even though we are far away.

Can we count on you?

Find out how to help here and sign up using the form below.

    * O padrinho deverá escolher a sua etapa. ** No caso de querer escolher mais do que uma etapa, poderá fazê-lo.

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