Volunteers for Nature in SIC International (Portuguese TV)

Series of 12 episodes premieres on SIC Notícias and SIC International to show the work developed by the volunteers of the LIFE Volunteer Escapes program.

9 portuguese entities, almost 200 volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps and 1 objective: Nature Conservation.

Environmental protection and biodiversity conservation guide the 12 short episodes carried out under the scope of LIFE Volunteer Escapes, a partner project of Rota Vicentina.

The first episode premieres on Friday 16th July at 13h25, and will be repeated on Sunday at 8h45, on SIC Notícias (Portuguese TV).

Sequentially, SIC Notícias will broadcast the short version every Friday, at 13h25 and Sundays, at 8h45. SIC International will have the full version of 15-minute on its grid on Saturdays, at 8h45, Tuesdays, at 10h and Wednesdays at 18h15, starting the week after the SIC Notícias premiere.

The 4th episode, which will be on air on the 6th August, is dedicated to the Rota Vicentina. In this episode, you can get to know the actions to fight against invasive plants, the maintenance of the Walking Trails and the Environmental Education along the Southwest of Portugal.

All episodes are published on the Youtube channel of the project Life Volunteer Escapes on the Monday following the broadcast on SIC Notícias.


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