Training Native vs. Invasive Flora

Portuguese Week on Invasive Species

Last weekend, the Rota Vicentina volunteers, Francisco and Leonor, promoted two days of environmental education activities taking part on the National Week on Invasive Species.

On October 16th, during the morning we did some environmental education activities on native and invasive plant species, with two classes from Primary School of Sines, using the materials developed under the LIFE Volunteer Escapes program, “Descobre a Flora” and “A Invasão”.

During the afternoon we took a short walk with a class from the Porto Covo Basic School, that sponsors the Circular Route Sissal Beach, where in addition to transmitting knowledge about native and invasive plant species, we also had the opportunity to identify them on the spot.

On October 17th, at Carrascalinho, was the first time we opened the workshop on “Flora Nativa vs. Invasora” to interested public.

This training included the transmission of theoretical knowledge about the importance of native flora and about identification and problems of invasive plants, but also with a part on the field that allowed us to put into practice various techniques for controlling invasive plants, near the Circular Route of Carrascalinho.

We would like to give a special thanks to the old Serominheiro Primary School for having provided us with their facilities for this training!

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