2 positions for youth volunteering through European Solidarity Corps

Rota Vicentina will receive two volunteers, within the Regenerar Odemira project of the Municipality of Odemira. One position will be for Walking Trails and maintenance area, the other position will be for Cycling area. Both will also work on communication.


Rota Vicentina will receive long-term volunteers for the third time. 

With the Municipality of Odemira and in partnership with Gaia Alentejo, Project Earth, Zut and other European entities (from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Italy) that will send volunteers, a project was developed for the European Solidarity Corps. This project, called Regenerar Odemira, aims to strengthen work in the youth field in the municipality of Odemira by creating spaces where young people can be creators of dynamics that will affect the future of the region, raising awareness about issues related to environmental sustainability, ecology / environment, heritage preservation, traditions and local culture, forest regeneration, inclusion. The Municipality of Odemira, as coordinating organization and entity with financial and administrative responsibility, assumes the project management and supervises its implementation in accordance with the principles of the European Solidarity Corps. 

The volunteering positions in Rota Vicentina arise from the continuity of medium and long-term volunteer experiences of the past 2 years, with success (with Odemira na Europa and Life Volunteer Escapes projects). In 2021, the project in the Rota Vicentina Association consists of integrating, participating and giving support to the areas of Walking Trails and Cycling Trails, in addition to communication area. 

These two long-term volunteer experiences are aimed at young people between 18 and 30, a hiker and another cyclist, who wish to develop skills and knowledge in the field of active tourism, nature and responsible tourism, trail maintenance methodologies, to get involved with local community and in communication. 

Our local partners have also volunteering positions: GAIA Alentejo with the project Environmental and sustainable communities; Project Earth with the collaboration of Zut Cultural Association with the project Clara Foodlab.

Applications for all these offers are until May 9th. For information about accommodation, pocketmoney, transportation and any other curiosity about the region, see the details of the offers here. Apply through European Solidarity Corps platform.

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