Rota Vicentina presents mini-series “Portraits of SW Portugal”

Much has been said about the Costa Alentejana and Vicentina and the various portraits that make it up. Since 2012, the Rota Vicentina Association has sought to show the country and the world what this piece of land is and the entire living network that is part of it.

And that is the mission that leads to the premiere of “Portraits of SW Portugal”, a mini-series of four episodes that reflect the roots of this region: the fishing, the sacred land, the cork and the medronho firewater.

On the Rota Vicentina Youtube channel, every Tuesday at 9 pm (Lisbon time zone), for four weeks from May 25, it will be possible to watch short documentaries, which explore the symbiotic relationship of the people who lived and who live here with each one of these themes, as well as and their impact on the culture and economy of the region.

Each of these four stories develops, for 3 to 8 minutes, some of the themes of human presence in a format in which the testimony of people who live “hands on” is alternated with a more generalised and contextual view of historians.

The journey starts with the video on “Fisheries” and tells of the resilience of the people of the coast, on May 25. Following this on June the 1st, the video “Sacred Land” presents the idea of the universal attraction that this region has exerted up until the present day, and that continues to it be sought for self-discovery and the possibilities of a lifestyle more in tune with the rhythms of the natural world. On June 8, “The Cork” premieres and finally, on June 15, a toast with “The Medronho Firewater”.

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