Rota Vicentina is training local guides for the region

Local Guides Course: 12 days focused on the interpretation and appreciation of cultural and natural heritage, as well as on the relationship with local communities

The Rota Vicentina Association begins 2022 to focus on the differentiation of the Southwest of Portugal as a high quality tourist destination, based on the values ​​of Responsible Tourism.

Rota Vicentina recognized, together with its network of partners and associates, the need to promote a course on Responsible Tourism, where culture, nature and socio-economic activity are interconnected and structured in an authentic, differentiating and sustainable offer.

This is how the “Local Guides Course” initiative was born, which received dozens of applications from guides and tourist entertainment entrepreneurs, aims to create more local offer of guide services specialized in heritage, more responsible experiences, greater proximity to communities, of absorbing the region’s distinctive cultural values ​​and with reduced environmental footprints. The objective is also to make the territory more resilient from the tourist point of view.

At the end of the course, trainees will have the opportunity to present a program designed by them at the 2nd edition Semana ID, an event promoted by the Association in Spring 2022.

To guide the various sessions of the course we have invited experts, people from different areas of training, different nationalities, different experiences, but with a genuine interest in the topic of Tourism.

To help Rota Vicentina in this objective of promoting literacy for sustainability, we invite:

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